Sunday, March 20, 2011


The days here have passed by very quickly. I can't believe we have now been in Brisbane for this our sixth night. If anyone is like me and loves the full medical terminology of things Billy-Joe has a Complex pneumonia with a 
pleural effusion and empyema.  When you read at length about this I'm totally amazed at how strong and patient my boy has been. He's been through a lot. Actually he's still quite ill. While the surgery is behind us and the intercostal tube has been removed there is still a huge hill to climb. He still has a temperature everyday, has no appetite and is severely lethargic. He's still receiving nasal gastric feeds which is keeping him well nourished. Even if he were eating what's normal for him it wouldn't be enough to give him all the nutrients he needs. 

He's had enough of being here. Peter is convinced he'd get better quicker if he were home. I'm not 100% convinced we are out of the woods yet and would rather stay here than go home too soon. At least help is close at hand here. In many ways it's easier for me to be here with him then to have him in NGH. He'd want me to spend the day with him which of course I would do, but then all my other responsibilities would still be waiting for me at home. This way I can focus on him and he can e my priority without me being torn by all the other things I need to do too. 

We are fortunate as we are in a two bed ward and the other patient and his Mum spend many hours at home each day. So it's a peaceful room. The nursing and medical staff are awesome.   

I've even spent much of this evening researching a nursing degree. I don't know. I am comfortable in a hospital environment. I love the medical knowledge I have and am always interested in knowing more. I'm probably getting too old to pursue a new career. I mean let's face it, I've never really had one. A career is something that you can grow with and advance through. What I've ever done, even the teaching I've done has always been just a job, never a career. 

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Moonie said...

Nice to read your blog tonight Jen. Poor baby boy. I am the same with you when it comes to hospitals. God only knows how much time I have spent in them myself as a patient. I hope Billy-Joe gets strong super fast. I know what it is like in your position right now. I was in Selangor with Danielle for 8 nights when she was diagonsed with Glandular fever. It was dreadful the poor thing. She had a temp for days and was as weak as I have ever seen her. it is the best medicine to have us mums there for them. I would not be anywhere else too. You're a great Mumma ..xx

Chris H said...

I'm glad you are able to stay with him...
I hope you two get to go home soon... once your son is all better.

Teddyree said...

RCH is wonderful isnt it; really sick kids is what they do best. Hope Billy-Joe is well enough soon for you to go straight home to hubby and family but for now RCH is the best place for both of you.

And you're never to old for a new career, nursing is quite a physical job but if this is where your passion lies then go for it.


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