Monday, June 14, 2010

A busy few days

I had a very eventful weekend. It all began when I picked up the kids from school, and Billy-Joe showed me his finger and said he thought it was broken, and I thought it was too. Needless to say I didn't make it to work @ Daisy's until nearly 6pm!! Between going to the GP, then going to get the finger x-rayed, then going back to the GP and then a fruitless journey to the chemist for a splint when we found out it was broken, (which I'd already diagnosed from viewing the x-ray myself), and I ended up making a splint out of a paddle pop stick which I'd obviously kept out of a set of rub ons. Billy-Joe was comfortable although his finger was very swollen and throbbed a bit. He was mucking around and fell back on his finger. I'd only told him a day before, if ever you fall the worst thing you can do is put your hand out to stop you!! I'll have to do some googling because I'm not sure how long to keep it splinted for, the doctor wasn't exactly full of info!!

Then we flew home and I showered and did my hair and then went to work. I was quite weary by the time I left at midnight. The shop was quiet, so it was a good night. I didn't create, just talked and played on my MacBook, catching up on some reading. Barbi was away setting up the craft show, so when she returned to pick up Suzy and Norma, I helped them get their things together and then saw them off. It was late when they left, not sure what time, it was around 9 though. They still had a drive to Brisbane and then an early start in the morning, to add the final touches of stock for the stall.

I didn't know what I was going to do on Saturday, but Billy-Joe wanted to head to the Plaza and my wonderful husband gave me some spending $$$$ so off we went. I'd picked up my new new glasses the day before, so I took the opportunity of this trip to go and see the place where I bought my beautiful glasses to see if I could get my money back. They hurt me so much, I can't wear them for long. I end up with a wicked headache. I've had them checked, the script is spot on and the lenses are very good quality, but they hurt my entire head. I know it's the glasses, because I've been wearing them less and less, resorting to my readers for computer work and not wearing glasses much at the other times. When I did wear them, they would make my head ache, and I noticed that within about ten seconds of taking off the new glasses, my head would stop hurting!!! I just felt ill with this predicament. I've spent $1000 on glasses in the last little while and can't even wear the dear pair! As it turned out the owner/manager of the store wasn't in, but his employee said I should come in and see him on his days and he would work something out. I know I won't get money back for the lenses, but for the frames would be good, they can resell them anyway. I couldn't even get any money back on the second pair because I've maxed out my insurance and am not entitled to claim a new pair until next year ( I doubt I'll be buying a pair next year though, maybe some new prescription sunnies would be good).

I bought Sammy some new runners, and Billy-Joe a new pair of slippers. I also got a pasta machine as I've been wanting to make my own pasta. Can't wait to try it out on Thursday. I wonder how hard it will be to do, I'd like to make it quite often. The lady at the shop said the cheaper machine would be good, but if we were making heaps, we'd need the dearer Italian one. I'll see how I go. I didn't see the point in spending a lot of money on one at this point. I'm quite excited about this and can't wait to try it. One of my girlfriends has one and has assured me it makes good pasta and is not difficult. I'll report back later in the week and let you know.

I'd put on lamb shanks in the slow cooker before I went out. They were done in red wine, rosemary and plum jam and were very very nice. I made some polenta on milk and added parmesan cheese, it was very tasty. We had a lovely Saturday night, lots of talking and romance, was great fun. I went to bed late, well not as late as I often do on a Saturday night, but late for the fact that I was leaving home at 6.45am to go to Brisbane for the Papercraft Show. We were bringing stock and had to bring it before the Show opened, but also we allowed more time than we needed. It was okay, at least we weren't stressed. Parking was easy and the traffic was light, so we made good time.

The show was busy and I'm glad I went. I found another Anya stamp, which I'd not seen available in Australia before. The one's I have I bought from and I just love them, they're gorgeous. I also bought some chipboard cats which will look gorgeous on cards. I can glitter or glimmer mist them, can't wait to have a play. It was a long day and I was very happy to be home, it was almost 8pm when I got home. I was very happy to see my family and I slept well last night.

Today I've been on a declutter and cleaning rampage. It felt good, to purge some old kids' clothes, and toys. I vacuumed and washed and tidied, now my house feels good. I was only gone for a day, and Peter did vacuum, but it's technically two days that I've not done anything, so it needed a tizzy up. Once I was able to relax it was nice to sit down and chill out. I updated Facebook and tweeted for my Daisy stuff and then set about doing my Coles order and working out my menu for next week. I'm still looking for a pasta dish to do for Thursday.

I chatted with a friend on iChat for a bit, talking about the pros and cons of the iPad. Dear Bunny has said I can have one, which totally blows me away because I haven't even asked for one!!!!! He does know though, that I'm pretty impressed with it and would love one as an e-reader. I'm not interested in a KIndle, but love my MacBook for reading my e-books, but the iPad would be much more user friendly for reading. I've also done research during the week for a Thermomix This kitchen tool is an amazing thing. I've eaten quite a few foods made in it and am very impressed with it.

I've got left over chicken soup for dinner and bread in the bread machine, which is currently smelling delicious. This time tomorrow, I'll be a Copic Certified Instructor . I'm really excited to learn all the techniques and look forward to using my new Anya stamp with my markers and the new skills I'll have.

My friends will be pleased that the show is over, although the job of packing up is an onerous one. I take my hat off to them, as it's hard work and a very long weekend. They will all be very happy to be home tonight. Barbi and Norma are backing up with yet another trip to Brisbane tomorrow as we're all going to the Copic course together.

Our Stall

Suzy, Barbi, Nellie and Norma


Me with my kit of a layout I did of Izzy in the background.


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