Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Another day in the big smoke

Today we had Billy-Joe's appointment with the paediatric rheumatologist. Thank God he's been given the all clear from any vasculitis related diseases. It doesn't look like he's got arthritis or any auto immune diseases either. He's small because he's small, and many boys who have puberty late, end up being quite tall, and it's not unusual for those boys to not have their growth spurt until around 16 years of age. That made us feel better. He's growing, just very slowly. His weight is good for his height too. Put it this way, it's a much better situation than having an obese child. He will have more tests done and we will continue with more in depth respiratory tests to check further into the coughing issue. So at minimum, we'll have another three visits to Brisbane before this is complete.

We had a good day, although it was very tiring. We hit a massive storm on the way home and I crawled into a petrol station as visibility was extremely poor. We waited around 20 minutes and then drove home the rest of the way in rain. I've always been scared driving in the rain, I didn't do too badly and it was absolutely torrential. I'm glad I pulled over.

We had a nice time at the shopping centre. I bought Sammy some winter clothes for when we go and visit Laureen, and I got a knitted tunic top and a stretch tunic top that I can wear with tights here and when we go down South. We went into Typo and I bought the letter 'I', a heart and an apple. I also bought some little douvers to put cables in from the computer, to stop them falling down behind the machine when items are unplugged. I loved the coffee travel mug and the metal mail holder too. Some great things there.

We had a late lunch, junk food, which I could have done without. I won't have dinner, a bowl of muesli or something later on with a cup of tea is all I need.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already tomorrow.


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