Thursday, November 04, 2010

Life is good

I've had a good week. I love being at home just doing Mum things and getting the house in order. I find a strange kind of calm when all is good at home.

I asked Billy-Joe on the weekend if he was getting an award this year, because his grades have been quite good. He said no!!! I was stunned!! I thought either he did miserably this term, or the others just did so much better. Two days later, he came home and said there was an amended list up saying that he was the recipient of an academic award. I was thrilled and so was he of course. We both acknowledge that last years award was ours!! I'd helped him so much in all his assignments that it would have been unfair to accredit his award to just him. This year I gave him little or no help, only when he asked actually. So, for him to receive this award, is just wonderful

Last night was the awards night, we went of course. He received his award and we 'escaped' to McDonalds where I shouted him a frappe just like last year. We were home by 8.15, feeling very smug and content..... Not only does he have a beautiful nature, but he has a great work ethic too. I love that about him. He's an awesome child. There's nothing quite like the relationship that you can have with your first born. Don't get me wrong, I adore and cherish all my boys, but I guess because he's my first and is very much like me in many ways, we get along well, and have a very special relationship. He knows that first and foremost I'm his Mum and his parent, but we're also close and enjoy being together. I wish I could have been like him when I was young. He has a beautiful soul!

Today I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed,knowing I had a huge day ahead of me. I took the kids to school, and then came home and started to get things organized for tonight. I was glad that my groceries were fairly early. I crumbed 1.5kg of chicken schnitzel, made a sticky date pudding, cooked the potatoes for the salad and tidied the house.

I had to go and see Barbi as Peter and I are so directionally challenged and don't trust ourselves to find our hotel, and wonderful friend as she is, she helped me jot down 'girl directions' so that we can find our way. I also took in some stuff I'd been working on. I came home, got Izzy into the carry basket, picked up the kidlets and drove out to the cattery. We dropped of Izzy and then went and saw Rusty. I'm just so in love with him. He feel asleep on me once again. I know he's going to be 'my' cat!! I wont tell the kids though lol...... He's so cuddly and his fur is like silk, he even smells good. Am I the only one who loves how cats smell. Actually I like how budgies smell too....... Billy-Joe told me one day that Izzy smells like me, and that's why she smells so good. What a lovely compliment.

We got home, Sammy headed into the shower and Mum and Dad arrived. Seven weeks is a long time. It was so good to see them. I wanted to keep hugging them, and squeezing them. The kids were rapt that they were here, and Peter was so happy to see them too. Dinner was divine. I love how we have so much fun with my parents. They are Peter's and my best friends. We entertain them the most and always have so much fun together. It's a wonderful relationship and I treasure it so much.

It's late now, Peter is downstairs bottling beer, I've showered and have clothes in the dryer. The kids are fast asleep. I'm weary and missing Izzy. The house is so quiet without her.

Tomorrow we are off to the Food and Wine Show. Another fabulous day.

Life is good.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Just Another Day in Paradise

Some days are so busy, but there's just not much to show for it at the end of the day. A mother's lot I guess.
I decided I needed to take Sammy to the doctor ASAP as he needed another script for antihistamine drops for his Allergic Conjunctivitis and he also has a mole which I was concerned about, which I'd like removed pronto!!
I took Billy-Joe and Mickey to school and then went up to the medical centre to see if they could see Sammy. We couldn't get in until 12.20pm, so I took him to school and then came home. I did heaps of washing, the line was full. I made several phone calls, appointments for Bunny and some calls about my Teacher Registration. The rules have changed for registration, so I need to check where I stand. I don't want to teach but nor do I want to go through the whole palaver to re register if I DO decide to go back. I did Bunny's leave application, and then baked a divine Chocolate cake. I used my hatchet to get rid of all the daggy bits on the chicken wings, to do some prep for dinner and tidied up every single thing. Nothing is left out, my room is immaculate. I also dusted all the venetian blinds, and the furniture.
Just before noon Bunny came home and as I was flying around getting ready to get Sammy, I did some more clerical stuff for him, and then I picked up Sammy. The GP will excise the mole and we got the script for his drops.
We had to wait quite a while, so by the time he had lunch and I had a cup of tea and ate some fruit, it was after 1.30pm. I sat on my MacBook and did some Daisy website stuff, and then laid down for 25 minutes with my audiobook before I had to pick up the other two kids. I picked them both up and then took Sammy to keyboard lesson, and took the other two home. We had afternoon tea after I iced the cake, they did their homework, and I prepped the sauce for my chicken wings.
Then I picked up Sammy, got home, gave him afternoon tea, cooked the spuds for the smashed potatoes, brought in all the washing, and put it away. I was happy to have a shower and sit down at 4.40pm and I enjoyed a cold Pepsi Max.
I made a coleslaw in the Thermomix which turned out really well. I just made my normal dressing, with olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, but chopped the carrot, cabbage and onion in the Thermo. It was perfect and took me less than a minute to make!!
It's now almost 7 o'clock and I'm happy to be sitting down. The kitchen is spotless, and the kids are almost reading quietly. Bliss!!
I've sent man of the house downstairs as the entire night will be taken up with phone calls to do with tomorrow's race, and I can't bear the noise lol.... I tell him all the time we don't really need a phone, as he has a voice like a megaphone, and I've been listening to this analysis of horses for 20 years, and it's always the same shit. Same shit, different races lol........
This week will continue to be busy, although not as crazy as today I hope, Billy-Joe has his award night on Wednesday, as a proud Mama, I will of course go, but I really hate that kind of know where people stand up and say the same obligatory stuff, and we have to sit there patiently listening...... I'd much prefer to stay home and do my course webinar, but of course I want to be there to show my boy how proud I am of him. Last year he received an award, and I reminded him WE received the award as I helped him with all his assignments. This year, he has taken on all I taught him onboard, and he's earned his Bronze Award all on his own, and I'm just stoked. Sometimes I think it's sad that I don't want to work as a teacher, but the knowledge it's given me, as far as delivery of help has been invaluable, and I'm so rapt that my children are benefitting from that.
On Thursday my parents are returning from a 7 week holiday in Phuket. The time has gone quickly, but some days I have missed them dreadfully. I'm excited to know they're home soon, and are coming for dinner on Thursday night. I will take Izzy to the Cattery on Thurs night and we'll visit Rusty. On Friday Peter and I are off to the Food and Wine Show. It's the one night a year, we're on our own, and we're very excited about it. It's a fun weekend for us, a weekend where we do something we both love and can solely focus on each other - pretty special.
I've just had a lovely weekend. I'm still so content and so happy where I am at the moment with my life. On Saturday I cleaned like a madwoman, and am very happy to report that while my shoulder was sore, I didn't have to stop because of it. I used the green Enjo mitt and cleaned walls, in Billy-Joe's room, the toilet, laundry and hallway. I got Peter to do the laundry ceiling, it now looks so much better. I do enjoy cleaning, but hate hurting of course, so many things have been a bit neglected of late. We started the morning very relaxed, the kids didn't have golf and Peter didn't work, so we had a snuggle in and enjoyed a breakfast together with a big plunger full of coffee.
Whilst sitting I perused my Indian Thermo cookbook and chose a Prawn Masala dish for dinner that night. I also decided to make Onion Bhajee, (onion fritters made on delicious besan flour)
In the afternoon I ducked into the shops with Billy-Joe. We dropped into the new Dick Smith store and had a look at all gadgetry which of course we both love. I needed to buy Sammy some new undies, we dropped in and saw Julia and had an Iced Moccha before heading home. I enjoyed an hour or so on my MacBook and then I headed into the bath with my iPad and a couple of glasses of wine. I put some essential oils in the water, and just laid in there for well over an hour. It was so nice.
The meal on Saturday night was absolutely scrumptious. I was very pleased with how easy it was to prepare, and the flavours were so authentic. I had enough batter left over to make the Bhajees for dinner on Sunday night. I'd also bought some naan bread from coles, and it was very nice, much nicer than I thought it would be as I'm often dubious of a packet food.
Yesterday we looked after a friend of Sammy's. Archie's Mum was working at the Pet Expo and she is on her own, so we had her son. We all went to the beach and enjoyed fish and chips for lunch. After I got organized when we got home, Billy-Joe and I headed out to the Pet Expo. I was hoping to see lots of kittens and puppies, but it was a rather poor effort I thought. We did enjoy it though. I talked to someone about having pet meat home delivered and I got some samples too, which Izzy is just devouring with such gusto. I patted a malamute, which was the most beautiful dog I've ever seen in real life. I've only ever seen them in photos and on TV, never in real. I've always loved German Shepherds and this is a paler version, with the most amazing eyes. I also patted a greyhound, a much maligned dog, with a lovely shiny soft fur and a gentle nature. They had pet snakes which were just beautiful, and also the most brilliantly coloured budgies I've ever seen. I could have easily bought a budgie and a fish......but they don't go too well with two pussy cats!! We only spent just over an hour there, but we got in for cheap as the man on the gate knows me, and it was later in the afternoon already.
I can't believe there are only 53 days left till Christmas!!!


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