Thursday, August 23, 2012

Warning: Whine Alert

And sadly it's not of the red or white type !!

I am still so incredibly weary. Bone weary. At the point where when I'm walking up stairs I'm dragging myself up them. And then already thinking that I need the energy to go back down them!!  I'm not picking up. I'm eating really well have started taking multi vitamins and a tonic and all I can think of is when can I next lie down. I sleep well for most of the night and then have at least a half hour kip if I can manage it. If I have a day at home I may even sleep for up to two hours. Seems like such a waste of time. Especially when I've been like this now for six weeks.

Added to that my pain levels with my chronic Achilles tendinitis is increasing. I've spent $600 on new orthotics and have honestly had no benefits whatsoever. My tendons are permanently swollen and the pain radiates up my entire calf. I almost hobble each time I get up of an evening once I've been sitting for a bit as everything has begun to cease up even more.

On a brighter note my secondary hypertension has resolved itself as I'm no longer on the Simponi. I'm waiting for a referral for Humira to be approved. It's almost two months since I've had the arthritis drug. That wouldn't help my pain levels. Last time I gave blood my iron levels were okay but not great. I don't think they're low enough to create this level of fatigue though.

This semester is thankfully lighter but I feel so lousy I've only been able to appreciate it as it means I can rest more.

I need to go back to the dr.  I need energy. I'm doing the bare minimum at home and with my study. It's not how I like to operate.

Monday, August 20, 2012


Mum moves into her new unit tomorrow. She's still doing amazingly well. I keep thinking maybe she will fall in a heap but she's strong and positive and doing great on her own. Really amazing stuff when you consider she's been with Dad since she was 12 years old. Mum never had an adult life without Dad. I've been pleased that I live close by and have been able to help her but she's done so much on her own. Especially when the initial devastation of new grief eased a bit.

We took a couple of car loads around today. The unit looks lovely and I'm sure Mum will feel safe, comfortable and happy there.

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