Friday, January 22, 2010

I scrapped

I am very happy with myself. I scrapped yet again. Ali Edwards, one of my most favourite bloggers, is running a week long item on digital scrapbooking. I was interested in reading it, it's always good to pick up some extra tips. I was pretty happy that she gave away a free template today too, and, in my bid to scrap the everyday, I did a layout straight away. It's very very simple, but I've told a story and I am happy with that. I have quite a few layouts running around in my head, so I feel good about that.

The week has quickly come to an end. The last full week of kids home on holidays. I am very sad to see it end. It's been great. This weekend will be fun, and on Tuesday Mum and Dad will come and join us four our annual Australia Day festivities. I've got my menu organized and am looking forward to a lovely day celebrating this wonderful country of ours.
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Last week of holidays

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Supplies, Kit by Karla Dudley, date stamp(January) K Pertiet, BG paper, can't remember....
I'm always a bit slow on the uptake with things. It takes me a while to get my act into gear, to really focus and plan what I'm doing. The whole project 365 started last year, and, while I loved the idea, taking photos every single day and recording our daily lives, I made it to about day 2 lol....... While I am not putting myself under that kind of pressure, I'm really going to try to photograph more of the everyday stuff. I love photos of food, I don't have the equipment or the time to set it up properly but I'll do my best. The above layout is my home made pizza which the whole family loves.

We've just been in town. Am very happy I got six pairs of leather shoes for $190. The kids were well behaved, so we had a very late morning tea at Donut King, and even met Julia and she sat with us while she had her lunch. We thought it was going to be really busy (with all mothers leaving back to school stuff at the last minute lol).....but we were lucky, just drove into a park.

Billy-Joe bought a deck of UNO carsds, so we're going to have a few games. Pizza chicken for dinner tonight. One day this week I might buy some nice ham and we can have a salad for dinner. It's so hot this week, perfect salad weather.


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