Monday, July 05, 2010

Photos from today

Mickey had to cover his eyes as his gifts weren't wrapped.

His present from his Oma and Opa

Mickey with is other gift, he was rather spoilt today.

Opa helping Bunny to put up the basketball hoop didn't stop the kids from trying it out.

Eating our lunch

Like the look on Mickey's face

Love this, how Opa is trying to help Mickey

My favourite photo of the day, a bit noisy because I didn't use a flash, so upped the ISO.

Cool photo, but Mickey's smile is a bit stale here lol...

My Choc Ripple Caramel and Chocolate tart.....divine!!

Life is just so busy

I've not stopped since I was ill. Actually with the craft fair and helping Barbi, it's probably before I was sick that the busy times began. I have enjoyed them though, glad that I've got more energy, and happy that I'm not working outside the home, as I know how much this has always added to the stress levels before.

I still find changes in my outlook and state of mind every now and again, which is really exciting for me. I still feel happier on a consistent daily, all day basis, so I know that it's not a placebo effect from my new medication. It's been too long now, the artificially created joy, would have long dissipated if it was something that I was just telling myself, or just feeling out of desperation and hope, something I've done so many times before, when I think a solution has been found for me.

Just as an aside, my cat, Izzy is running around the house like a lunatic. She does not like it when her boys are all downstairs and she's stuck up here. She misses them so much and cries for them. It's holiday time and she spends a lot of time with them. At the moment, my four boys (or her four boys) are downstairs watching the footy, so Mummy can watch Masterchef and Izzy is meowing and crying because she can hear them talking......but can't find them lol, it's quite funny. I can't believe how this cat has wheedled her way into our hearts. I was always a cat lover, ever since I was a child and have always had a cat in my adult years. When I decided I was ready to have a cat inside again, because I no longer had small children, little did I realize how much I would grow to love her. She's such good fun. She actually plays with the kids, they can play hide and seek and she comes racing up to find them and taps them on the head, it's so cool. Sammy and Mickey go to bed at night and Izzy goes in there to create havoc. I usually have a cut off point, where I shut the door and Izzy has to come out, when I think they've spent enough time, hiding under the doona, with and without Izzy lol.... MInd you she's not very happy when I take her out of there, and will usually hang outside the door whinging and sticking her paws under the door as she's dying to get back in. When it's all quiet in there, I open the door, and, like a good girl, she hops up on Sammy's bed and goes to sleep, and she stays there all night. On a scrapping night when I'm home late, I have to feed her and she goes back to bed. I'm so happy that the kitty litter isn't inside anymore, she just goes out in the morning, ah those pussy cats are so clever lol.... She is however, extremely spoilt and the MOTH aka Bunny is the one who spoils her the most. He cried so hard when Charlie died, I didn't think he'd take to Izzy like he has, but he has, and how everyone is with her is just beautiful to watch.

I had to relent and take her downstairs, I've had enough of her caterwauling......

Back to the regular program.

I started my small business e commerce course last week. It's everything we need, and I'm so excited and so grateful that I was accepted. I've already worked ahead in the lessons and have already set some things in motion, they're behind the scenes stuff, but it's all geared toward making our site more 'Google friendly'. In the coming weeks I'm going to complete various analyses, of our own site and also that of our competitor's. By analyzing successful businesses you can create a better one for yourself so this is a valuable learning tool. I felt like I was floundering with the site because I am not armed with enough knowledge. Let's face it, knowledge is power, and being a control freak, I need this to feel like I'm doing a good job. I had two full days in Maroochydore and I had a webinar this evening. I've already covered three weeks of e lessons, as the first two are introductory and are basically catering for the complete novice. I'm happy that I have some net savviness already. I was excited this morning, when I actually went in and added some html coding to our site, so that Google can verify it.......can you imagine how excited I was when the verification came through. I actually got up at 7am to do this, something that's unheard of, me getting early of my own volition. I didn't have anything I had to be at, or anything else pressing, I just wanted to get some work done early. That's the most awesome advantage of working from home, I can do my work when it pleases me and in chunks big or small...just love it. The flexibility is fantastic.

I was very lucky that dear Bunny had a few days off, so he spent precious time with the boys and I didn't have to put them into holiday care, which they have well and truly grown out of. It also meant that he was home today, for my baby's birthday. I still can't believe that my youngest is now 9 years old!!!! We all had a lovely, fun day. We decided that we were going to do the food easier than normal, in light of my recent obligations, I was happy to make cakes, but wanted a bought lunch. Going out would have been too dear, and we'd bought Mickey some awesome gifts, that an extra $150 or so on food for us was out of the question. The KFC deal, was a huge success with all of us. We just bought extra chips and exchanged the drink for another coleslaw. Mum and Dad thoroughly enjoyed the lunch too, there wasn't anything left. I made a Caramel tart, on a choc ripple base with a dark chocolate ganache and it was beautiful. I'm looking forward to a cuppa a little later, with a small piece of it.

I went shopping on Saturday with my Mum. Something that we used to do all the time, when I had littlies and didn't get out much, walking around the shopping centre all day was a nice way to spend some time with my Mum. She wanted to get MIckey a gift and wanted my help and I was looking forward to spending time with her. We had a good day, and while I thought I'd be exhausted when I got home, I still managed a lovely date night with my husband. I made a Masterchef recipe, the Beef Stroganoff and Parsley and Pepper fettuccine. The pasta was a bit fiddly this time, but we got it working, with adding in more flour and it tasted delicious. I wasn't as happy with the Beef Stroganoff as I was when I made it a few weeks ago from the site. We had a great night, and suffice to say that my darling husband is much happier these days. Happier wife and Mama makes for a happier husband too. He's currently feeling very loved and I'm enjoying watching his contentment. It's like we've fallen in love all over again, and it's a wonderful feeling. Thankfully we've always been close, so our downs only make the ups even better. We've been together nearly 20 years and are the best of friends.

Sammy and Mickey are heading off to golf clinic for the rest of the week, and Billy-Joe is looking forward to spending time with me. He can have a friend over to visit and we'll do stuff together. I'm looking forward to spending some 'chill out' time this week. I've nothing on my schedule other than house chores and Daisy work, so that's achievable this week. Mickey is very excited to test out his new golf clubs. They look amazing, with their red shafts, he's one very very happy little boy this evening. I need to edit the white balance on some pics and then I'll upload.


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