Saturday, April 17, 2010


Airframe Airframe by Michael Crichton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars I'm always on the hunt for a new author, and I landed on Michael Crichton. I've seen his books around for years of course, but never taken enough notice of them to actually read one. It seems the older I get the less trash and fluff I read, so I'm looking for 'meatier' books. I did enjoy this book and didn't find the technical parts too difficult to understand even though I know nothing of aeroplanes or the building of them. I enjoyed the story, but it was virtually the replicate of an Air Crash Investigation show I'd seen which has always stuck in my head. I will read more of his novels as it was engaging and easy to read and I was keen to find the resolution. View all my reviews >>

House Rules

House Rules House Rules by Jodi Picoult

My rating: 5 of 5 stars I've worked with autistic children and adolescents and have a child on the autism spectrum too. I felt the book was an accurate portrayal of such a young man. I've not read a Jodie Picoult book in years, as I'd read several in a row and felt they all followed a similar formula which I found frustrating. Having said that, she spins a wonderful story, depicting the emotions of each character with great clarity and sensitivity. Perhaps because I listened to this book, I felt 'closer' with the characters than if I'd just met them in print. A fantastic story of unconditional love and loyalty. I thoroughly recommend this, like all books I love, I didn't want it to end. I'm sorry that Jacob, Theo, Oliver and Emma aren't in my life anymore. View all my reviews >>

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Quiet days continue

To say that I'm grateful for my current schedule is an understatement. There's no way I could be doing this transition time with a full time, or even a part time job outside the home. I feel very blessed that I can organize my housework and my paid work for when it suits me best. Last night I got about four and a half hours sleep....not nearly enough. It was almost 11 when I went to bed last night and then after midnight when I turned off my book, but I'm wide awake and sleep eluded me for quite some time even when I turned my book off, so I know there's no use in doing it any earlier.

The alarm awoke me this morning and I got up to a quiet household. It was raining, so still quite dim and the kids weren't in a hurry to get up either and were waiting for my cue. The school holidays are over and the early mornings are back with a vengeance. On the plus side, my chores are all done much earlier, and I start my Daisy work earlier too. The downside is, that really there's no end in sight for this side effect. I've got another six weeks on this dose before my dose is increased yet again, so this could go on for months......

Having no stock to upload at the moment, I've just been adding to the recipe archives on the site, so that's kept me out of mischief today. Although at one point I wasn't very impressed because there was an error and I couldn't access my site, neither through the front end nor the back end. It has righted itself, so I'm relieved.

I closed my eyes for a bit this afternoon with my current audio book (House Rules by Jodie Picoult) and promptly dozed off. I've had to rewind about 40 minutes of listening, because I've retained nothing. It's rare that a book puts me to sleep, an indication of how weary I am.

I'm keeping things very easy at home as far as meals are concerned. I've not got the energy or inclination to try new recipes or to cook anything complex. Last night we had a roast chicken with roast vegies which was delicious and tonight it's crumbed fish, salad and chips. Simple, fast easy fare. My main focus is keeping my house clean and tidy, washing up to date, kids' homework and reading done nightly and my Daisy work. I can prepare tasty meals which are easy, but still keep my family well fed and happy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Looking forward to feeling better

I'm so glad we've had school holidays. Between Daisy work and resting, I've not done much else. I've not had the energy to do more than I absolutely have to. Friday I spent most of the day in bed, between getting up to make the kids their lunch and doing my washing, I felt so tired, I'd hit a wall. Not sleeping properly is beginning to take its toll. I know I probably shouldn't have gone out Friday night or Saturday, because I was pretty exhausted yesterday, but I felt like I had to get out. I needed to be with my best friends.

The kids have all had colds, sniffles, headaches and Sammy and Billy-Joes' asthma has been playing up. Thankfully they are all better now, but I have a sore was inevitable I guess. I'm lucky it's not progressed into anything more though.

I was a bit more productive today. I cut hair, both Mickey and Billy-Joe look neater now. My washing is up to date, I did some Daisy work have a roast chicken in the oven and I finished a layout I started during one of my nocturnal scrapbooking sessions.

The kids have had a good holiday. Lots of computer play, football games, and rides on their bikes and the scooter. They've had a good rest too and are ready to go back to school. I am however not looking forward to getting up at 6.30am, when I've not been sleeping properly. It will be an interesting term.

A layout

My beautiful boys just before Christmas. The journalling tells of how much I love the fact they'll let me 'play' with taking photos. I dressed them up and we had lots of fun. Thank you to my three beautiful boys for being such good sports. Would you believe I even remembered to write down what I used.
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