Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So much to say and not enough time

That's the story of my life. Blog posts whirring around my head with regular monotony and yet they rarely make it down. The busier my life gets the less I blog - realistically it's not the most important item on my list of 'to dos' but it is important for me really. I do enjoy going back over and reading old posts. One day, I'll have to get it made into a book, I have downloaded a copy onto my hard drive, but it needs updating too. I've just gone and read over the last few posts on my kitchen blog. Where have the last three years gone. So glad I took the time to document that, otherwise tiny details would have been lost. That's why I blog, to remember, and to document. Seeing as I've not scrapped in months, at least if my blog is up to date, the important things (for the most part) are documented.

Even though life is so incredibly busy at the moment, I certainly have no complaints. We're all healthy and happy, and really, is there anything else needed? The bills are paid, and we're comfortable albeit a little cramped in our little house.

The boys are growing and thriving and a constant joy in our lives. Not a day goes by though, where I'm not grateful that I'm past all the little kid stuff. Don't think I have that fortitude for it anymore, no correction, I know I don't have that anymore. It's like I've done the hard yards and am very happy that it's behind me. I remind myself constantly though, when little things happen that now make my life so much easier, to not forget those days. I'm grateful that the discipline, routine, (ranting and raving) has finally paid off. I know I go on about this from time to time, but it's something I think of often, I don't ever want to forget, and I remind Peter all the time too, as he often views things through rose coloured glasses.

The school holidays have begun and we're all very happy about that. The kids need time to chill out just as much as I do. The weather has been cruddy, but the kids enjoyed a quiet weekend playing their various games and watching movies. During this week, they've been going to a golf clinic, these weeks are very good for them, gets them outside, and with other kids. It also re ignites their love of the game, although in all honesty, given a choice Billy-Joe and Sammy would be lazy and sit on their butts for the entire time lol.... Mickey has more get up and go than the other two put together!! He needs to keep busy. He's not interested in spending hours in front of a screen, he needs to move and's so good. He's actually the one that gets bored though, as Billy-Joe and Sammy are content to just occupy themselves quietly. But we're bad parents and we make our kids take part in the clinic [grin] and of course they have an absolute blast.

I've been busy with doing my e course and also working for Barbi. The Copic classes have taken off and my ladies are pleased. I'm not going to continue with a Copic Card Class as such, I'm great at teaching knowledge and techniques, but not so good imparting creativity or inspirational ideas. I'd feel too much pressure, teaching card makers how to make cards lol...... I want to enjoy this, not make it stressful. I was happy when I stopped teaching scrapbooking, so I'm not going back there again. Many think that turning your hobby into your work is a great idea, but it's not like that at all. Many a hobby has been fouled because it became work!! I've not done any scrapbooking as I mentioned, nor have I done any digital stuff either, which is a bit sad. There aren't enough hours in the day and I always seem to find something else to do.

I'm loving my Thermomix. I'm still considering restarting my recipe blog, but I'm still cooking things mainly from the cookbook. I'm happy doing that at the moment. No doubt when I get sick of those recipes I'll venture out. I have used the Thermomix for my own recipes though. Actually I use it every single day, usually two or three times. I've made jam three times, the scone are awesome, each week I make a pasta sauce, tonight I made my lasagne and did the sauce in Thermie. I bake heaps more than I did before, because its so easy and my shoulder doesn't have to do anything. Often the hardest part of making something is getting the ingredients out!! I've made bread too, but will experiment with different types of bread. Making the pizza dough in Thermie is awesome and so much easier and quicker than using the bread machine. I have to find a new home for my older appliances..... I won't use them anymore. The kids are learning how to use it too, which is great. The recipes are so simple and in typical childlike fashion, they have no fear of using gadgets.

I'm off to my girlfriend's house this afternoon who is taking delivery of her very own Thermomix. She's as excited as I was on the day mine came. Can't wait to see her and help her make a few things. Laurent is so busy at the moment, he can't stay for a demo, but rather than have her wait for her Thermo, she's getting it today...... We're off to a class on Saturday, so it will be fun to learn new recipes. I've had a perusal of other cookbooks which my other girlfriend loaned me and there are others I want to buy too. I use the Everyday one everyday.....but would love the Indian one and probably some of the others too.

Okay, this post was lots of fluff and close off now...before I go off on another tangent.


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