Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Home Again

Feels good to be home. After a long delay at the airport due to fog a two hour flight leaving in the morning ended up having us home at around 6pm.
Mind you I'm not complaining. Australia's aviation track record is what it is due to their safety regulations and caution, but it did make for a long and tiring day. I suffered from a crook back for a few days as I spent too time sitting. I did make a point of getting up and walking around probably not enough. Far out those aircraft seats have to be the most uncomfortable seats ever. Then the seats on the airport shuttle just added insult to injury on my sacrum lol.

Yesterday I had a 'woe is me' kind of day. Wishing I was back in Victoria, ongoing concerns with my health and a feeling that I'm too busy added to the knowledge of going back to study. The evil Jenny was on my shoulder telling me all the things I can't do. Thank the Lord she doesn't appear very often. She's debilitatingly negative and tragically miserable. Between my medication and my faith in God I'm able to quash her most of the time. Sometime however, when I'm tired or not feeling 100% she'll rear her ugly head. Nowadays I know to just take things easy and that those feelings will go away. No longer do they linger or have a lasting impact.

I took Sammy to have his cough checked out. I had tests done to check my immunity for communicable diseases as I head toward my nursing placements. Thankfully my GP put me back on HRT. The hit flushes are getting worse and are hampering my sleep too. I work hard at being a positive and 'glass half full' kind of girl and the hot flushes are beginning to wear me down.

Yesterday I went on the treadmill. I'm so conscious of getting older and I've put some weight back on. The chronic Achilles tendinitis was supposed to improve with the meds I'm on but it's been twelve months and no change. Before I went away my Physio suggested I put heel rises in my shoes to shorten the calf muscle and hence decrease the strain. I did fifteen minutes. I hurt, but not like I had done and certainly not bad enough to stop. I was busy today but will go on for longer tomorrow. I think the exercise will be even more important while I'm studying.

Ten years ago today Mickey was born. I no longer have a child in single figures. We had a nice evening. I baked him a large almond and chocolate cake and some cupcakes too. We had lasagna for dinner. I baked and made less than I normally do but I didn't want to eat it and I also have been rather tired and wanted to keep it a bit simpler. I'm glad I did. It went off well. Everyone was happy.

I've got a free day tomorrow. I'm looking forward to a sleep in.

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