Monday, March 07, 2011

I'm a very lucky girl

Every now and again the flash of red takes me by surprise. I still get a little quiver of happiness inside me when I realize that the gorgeous car outside my house is mine.

Friday week ago things didn't look good. I didn't think the car was going to happen. With all the phone calls and faxing I wasn't really feeling too positive. Even when the loan was approved I was reluctant to get excited as I almost felt like something could still go wrong.

On Friday afternoon with three kids in tow and torrential rain, I went and picked up my new car.

I am one very lucky and extremely happy and grateful girl.

I've driven almost 200km already. The car handles like a dream and has the best added features. I've already used the voice recognition to make a call this is an awesome feature. I've already bought a double ended audio jack so I can plug in my iPhone and the music will play through the speakers. I also discovered a drawer under the front passenger seat.

When I went to get the car on Friday the salesman was really sweet and wanted me to see the car dry. He set up the Bluetooth with my phone which in all Apple wonderfulness took 1 second to do.

On the weekend I took every opportunity to drive. On Sunday I went for a drive down to the coast and I needed fuel but the petrol here in town was too dear. I pulled over beforehand so I could see which side my cap was on. Didn't want to look like a complete noob at the bowser lol. Added to that I didn't know how to open my petrol cap. Thank goodness for Google on my iPhone.

I'm enjoying zipping around everywhere. It is much nicer than driving my Camry. And the fuel cost me less than $40 too.

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