Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I love Technology with a passion........alas the more gizmos one has, the level of problems go up incrementally too. I had internet issues yesterday, and, instead of just ringing Optus and getting my modem reset, I rang AppleCare and went through the convoluted trouble shooting process to make sure my Time Capsule was okay. I ended up having to ring Optus anyway to get my connection issues sorted......entire process an hour and a half..... Unfortunately my Time Machine wasn't doing the scheduled backups on both my iMac and MacBook......grrrr. I decided to leave the problem till another day.

Today, I was organized early because I had work to do. Unfortunately I'm like a dog with a bone, when I have technical issues, so I rang AppleCare and spend an hour and three quarters on the phone. Two technicians later, and we had it solved. Resetting the Time Capsule just gave it a conniption with my passwords........on both computers!!!!

All fixed now. I have deleted old backups. I'm not sure how the old ones are supposed to 'fall off' when room runs out, but I got an error message saying that my TC is full! I'll just delete them manually. I don't need to go back that far. Love the automatic backups though, because I wouldn't remember.

Ahhh...............I feel better now.


I formulate blog posts in my head nearly every single day. I could write something every day, but rarely get around to it. I wait until my thoughts and emotions are brimming over and I'm worried that I will forget them, so I hurry on over to my blog.

It's a quarter to nine in the morning, thankfully it's not going to be a hot day, just 26°C today which is respite from the heat we've been having. Last week there were many days with the a/c on and I was already worrying about Summer's electricity bill. My winter bill was higher than normal, Summer's will be worse I think.

I've done lots already this morning. Kitchen is tidy, we've breakfasted, dishwasher's finished, a load is on the line, I treadmilled, took the kids to school, showered when I got back and I'm ready to sit down and do some work. From last week, I've been doing some work on Daisy's website. We are going to make our dream come to fruition albeit many years after its inception. I have been collecting images for when we can revamp our site and get the shopping side of things happening again. There are exciting things afoot at Daisy's. Barbi has rented out the adjoining office space, which is a much needed area. The shop will become the largest shop in Queensland, even Australia I think. And where other shops have a spartan approach to decor and merchandising, Barbi's store is brimming with stock. It will be great for the girls to have a separate unpacking and prep area, plus Barbi will have an office, where she will truly not be bothered. At the moment, she works behind a furry wall, and is not left in peace for long. Customers know where to look for her lol.........

The kids have a week and a half left of school. I am very excited to see the end of term. I'm glad they don't have the added week like the state system, we're all ready for a rest.

Christmas is coming up very quickly. I have been doing Holidays in Hand, a free class which was on offer at Jessica Sprague's site. This is now the second year and the third class she's offered a freebie. It's a great introduction for people out there toying with digi scrapping, and even paper scrapbookers, and hybrid ones too. She's a very clever girl. I read posts on the forums of many a newly addicted person. I'm also looking forward to her Brushabilities class which has been offered again. She has a 20% off sale, so a great time to have a look, and even buy one for a friend. I'm always keen to learn how to use PSE better and she's a very good teacher. Her instructions are always so clear, I've never even had to put a 'help' call out yet. The Holidays in Hand class focusses on your memories of Christmas, current ones and those of your childhood. I've done the outline for the journalling of the entire month, so I'm pleased about that. I think I'll do it in an 8x8 digital book. I'm doing Suzy's book next Tuesday. Always a work of art I'm excited and looking forward to this annual event. I think it will be my fourth album, or maybe fifth - I'll have to look. The week has unfolded well for a close friend of mine. Her husband has been out of work for many months and they received the news yesterday that he had some work. It's only temporary at this stage, (I think), but may well roll over into more work. I'm very happy for them. It's not easy when your income has dropped so much, and I take my hat off to her, for keeping it all together. She's savvy with money and has done an awesome job at not only supporting her husband in his endeavour to find work, but in her ability to keep things travelling along comfortably. Christmas, is always a financial strain and would have been a big one for them.......I'm very relieved.

I have soooo much Christmas shopping still to do. I've made one trip with my parents, but that is always mainly to help my parents with me and my family, although they're not done either. I've still got heaps to get. My time is short, kids will be home soon, although, much to their chagrin I have put them into holiday care one day a week before Christmas.

Ok, I'm off to work now....


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