Tuesday, September 28, 2010

School Holidays continue

I’ve not looked back over my blog, but no doubt I was going to achieve wonders and miracles!!! Mind you I’ve had a lovely time, especially this second week, but the time goes by far too quickly.

Yesterday I took the kids to Golden Beach. I love going there, as there’s no waves and I can sit really close to where the kids are swimming and playing. I feel much better being close to them and not having my voice drowned out by waves. It was windy though, which was a shame. The kids had a ball wrestling in the water, playing on the skimmer board and digging to China. I sat watching them for the most part, and listened to my audiobook for a little while. When a storm was threatening, with ominous dark clouds, we decided to leave.

We bought ice creams and then headed home for an early shower and got in our jammies. Peter dropped home at 2pm and couldn’t believe we were already for sleeping lol. Love holidays. Love the fact that it’s easy. Oh and did I mention in my last post what a far cry it is from when the kids were little. I used to hate school holidays. The kids were little and naughty and nearly drove me insane!! It still surprises me sometimes that we all came through it unscathed. Now I love the holidays. The kids sleep in, and let me sleep in too. It’s peaceful in the mornings, and calm.

Today I’ve had a busy day, only just sitting down to chillax now, and it’s after 4pm. I tidied my pantry this morning, got rid of out of date packets and generally made it look more organized. It didn’t take long, as I do a little in it each week anyway, I can’t stand a messy pantry. Billy-Joe under my supervision, made the Marble Cake out of the Thermomix EDC, I’ve iced it and it looks awesome. I did it in the fluted springform and it looks lovely. I’m still a little undecided about doing the icing sugar in Thermie though, it’s still gritty, maybe I need to blitz it for even longer than I do. I did it for what I thought was quite a bit longer, but it’s still gritty. Will have to look into that one. I minced up chicken thigh fillets and have made an asian flavoured mixture which I’ll roll into meatballs. I won’t buy chicken mince anymore. I also went to an organic store which sells an amazing range of food. I’ve never been into that store before and it was a real eye opener. I can’t wait to go back there, with more of an idea of what I want. I bought some spelt flour, 5 grain mix, and some pepitas. At this stage I was just buying a few things to make my bread a little more special and healthier. I will buy my burghul and couscous and rices from there too in future. I also need to get some more containers and things for my pantry, if I’m going to keep this kind of stuff. Seeds and grains are so good for us, and now that I have a Thermomix, no hassle to cook, as I can mill anything I buy. I could even make my own tahini as they sell organic sesame seeds.

The chicken mince is done, the rolls are ready to go in the oven, and I’m just sitting, and reflecting on my productive day. I called in to Daisy’s this morning too and bought some stamps which I’ll play with on the weekend.

Mmmm, must be wine o’clock soon....... I’ve been nursing a headache all day, my second day running, not sure why I’ve got a headache, it’s certainly not stress related. Maybe I need a visit to a physiotherapist to get my neck looked at.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, but not the sleeping arrangements. I’ll have to make sure I have my Restavit and pray for a quiet room.


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