Thursday, March 08, 2012

A Letter

Hi Dad How are you going up there? No doubt you're giving all those angels a hard time. Actually they're probably having lots of fun with your. You'd be making them laugh and tripping over things and making them laugh all over again. I know now that you're no longer out of breath and that you can do things even if you've just eaten a big meal. You can dance and walk and do everything without ever worrying about cheat pain again. I've been doing so much study and interestingly the main things we've covered so far I can relate to you. Between heart issues, and your embolism, I can see why God took you. I'm still constantly grateful that we had you for as long as we did. Mum is doing well. You'd be proud of her. She's amazing and is making a new life for herself. We talk about you a lot and we love laughing about the things you've done. I'm glad she's got Beverly to take her out on weekends. They go exploring, out to lunch and enjoy being together. I miss you so much. I want to tell you things. I have to think that heaven has good technology and that you ate kept up to date lol. The new iPad information was released today. I've been waiting for it for months. I'll buy it and Mickey can have the old one. He's very excited about it. It will end up being the family one and everyone can enjoy it. The iPad has become invaluable to me Dad. I use it all the time. Mind you I still use the MacBook and the iMa, they all fit their purpose. I'm tired Dad. Uni is so incredibly full on. This is a huge semester. Even the tutors have acknowledged it. I'm hanging in there though. The stuff I'm learning is just fascinating. I'm learning about drugs, how they work, how illnesses are caused, right down to the cellular level. It's crazy in a way, the level that they want us to learn to. I doubt that people know just how well educated nurses are. I'm loving the course Dad and can't wait to be on the hospital floor. I went the other day to visit a girlfriend who is ill, and it's a place where I feel comfortable. And it's a place where I want to be. I'm keen to know how I'll cope with full time work. The Prac coming up in July will give me an idea. At the moment though I'm shattered. So tired. So much work to do. I chat to you in my head everyday Dad. In my prayers I ask God to pass on messages. I don't know if that works but it makes me feel better to think that you are knowing what's going on in our lives. I love you Dad. Always and Forever. Jenny xxxxxxx


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