Sunday, October 24, 2010

Reality Hits

I have to start this post with a sigh...not a huge one mind you, but a sigh nonetheless. Reality has indeed struck home, and it waited until about four days after we got back from Rainbow Beach. I didn't miss being super busy, I didn't miss getting the kids organized from school and I certainly didn't miss the afternoons where homework is the key focus. Even as a teacher, I find homework with my kids incredibly onerous. Actually at the moment, thank the Lord, it's not all three kids who make it difficult for me, but Sammy is very tiresome to work with. I take my hat off to his teachers, and their never ending patience and understanding of his quirks and foibles because I find them incredibly frustrating and also sad at times. Frustrating because I can't seem to make any headway with him, and sad because his lack of enthusiasm and motivation makes me sad. I fear for him in later life. When the idleness of childhood is something of the past. All our children see that their parents are always busy, working, ensuring the household is in order and running smoothly, so I don't know where this laziness comes from. I know that all kids and teens aren't motivated to do the more mundane things in life, but even with Billy-Joe he knows that if he just gets in and does it, it will soon be over and the fun stuff can be done instead. Even Mickey, has a work ethic. I sometimes need to pull him up to do stuff more neatly or do a bit more, but there's never an issue about him sitting down and doing the tasks........ It's all part of the difficult job of child rearing, I know.......I wish I knew how to make things easier for him. I talk and he understands, or so I think. I just can't give up.
The days since Rainbow have been full and a little overwhelming, and the weekend brought with it a wonderful sense of relief as things could slow down a bit.
We came home from Rainbow with a wonderful sense of well being. That satisfaction that comes from spending time with your family, and enjoying a relaxed time and a few extra treats. Eating out was great fun, not worrying about cooking was even better lol....... I slept well most nights and even had a few afternoon kips.
I will have to post photos up of our trip, my favourite ones. Here's a few I took over the weekend, and also of our new 'fur baby'. We're very lucky to be getting Rusty our new kitten into our family. The kids and I are beside ourselves with excitement. Rusty is a red burmese. The cattery where Izzy stayed is owned by a lady who breeds Burmese. I'd had no interest in these cats until the day we were shown through the cattery and these beautiful cats came toward us and promptly made us feel very welcome. I'd never seen a cat before quite so friendly. I asked the lady what sort they were, as they're regal bearing already showed they were of a pedigree breed. These cats were burmese, and as they say, the rest is history. We looked at the kittens and promptly fell in love with Rusty. It took a little convincing to get Peter to agree, and we had resigned ourselves to the fact that Rusty wouldn't be ours, when Peter changed his mind. There were tears of joy all round, we're rapt. He's our Christmas present.
The following photos are from a weekend visit to the markets and of Rusty.

A frog who was walking around the markets, promoting a nicer environment for frogs in forests. He was beautiful and played music.

It was a glorious day and there were lots of people enjoying the markets and strolling around. There's so much to see it's awesome.

Mickey enjoying a soft drink.

Sweet little Rusty.

Sansonia, but I've spelled it incorrectly and cannot find the correct spelling.

Suzy took this photo of Mickey and I, I love it


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