Friday, February 26, 2010


* I could quite easily update my blog every single day. I have the time, just generally not the inclination.

Weight loss is travelling along well. I've lost around 3kgs. Not being too pedantic with the scales and I'm not tracking my food. I eat no morning or afternoon tea unless it's fruit, and I'm eating less at dinner time. On my last check up at the doctor, all my blood test results were good, including BP.

* I’m frustrated because I can't exercise. I tried for three weeks but my achilles has just worsened again. Not sure what to do next. It seems I get about 10 days coverage after I've been to the physiotherapist and then worsens after that. I just can’t afford weekly treatment...... I’ve read lots about it, and I’m doing all the right things, but wish I could have more massage therapy.

* Izzy was very sick two weeks ago. $220 later, antibiotics and even an overnight stay at the vet's and she's all good now. Thank goodness. I was very worried about her. I’m taking her for her vaccinations today, then I’ll let her outside again. She’s desperate to go out and explore and it’s getting harder every day to keep her inside.

* I went on retreat last weekend, which was great fun. I was soooooo tired afterwards, I swear it gets harder at every one, and I didn't even stay as late as I normally do. Sat next to Suzy all weekend, and enjoyed the company immensely. Got to see Alaine and Sheree from Brisbane which was a highlight. I don't see them nearly often enough and love catching up with them. I wished we lived closer to one another. It's a special friendship which I am sure would deepen if we were closer. One of my closest friends, whom I'd dearly love to spend more time with, couldn't be there. We're only at a retreat together once a year....... :( I missed her and wished she'd been with us, especially when we were laughing hard ........Karen would have just cracked up, and made me laugh all the more. I can control myself in a situation, but when someone close to me laughs I just lose it. At one point I'd recovered from laughing at someone, and Suzy was laughing quietly with her head down, and my resolve just disappeared lol......the mirth bubbles up inside me and just spills over. Nothing like laughter!

I am beginning to use my Copics better, it definitely is practise. The stamps from the Greeting Farm are just gorgeous. I've bought one digi one and two rubber ones. I've found a few new blogs to inspire me, and it's cool exploring new techniques.

* I have digi scrapping that I want to do. My photos come up as my screensaver and remind me of the stories I still need to tell. I pulled out one of my albums the other day and fell in love with the stories and the photos. It doesn't matter if I don't paper scrap, but I need to do something and the stories need telling and the photos need documenting. My plan is to go through my pics, and create a workflow, from editing to final layout.

* Both my parents got the all clear recently after medical check-ups were instigated after suspicious symptoms. A wonderful relief to us all. I know they’re getting older, and I’ll keep praying that illnesses stay away. They are planning on going up north to visit Ricky and Dee, and to explore a bit too. It will be good for them. They are waiting for the cooler weather. This summer has been a hot one, and I know I am not alone looking forward to the cooler months.

* I have been listening to all the Michael Connelly novels and am deeply immersed in 9 Dragons at the moment. They’re great books, not generally bedtime fare as they’re murder/mystrey but I just love reading them and I love the main character. I’m really sad though as I’m up to his second last book. I’ve got one more to listen to and then I’ll be waiting for his new release this year. Harry Bosch, is the main character a Detective working for the LAPD. He’s in his 50’s, so I don’t know for how much longer Michael Connelly can keep using him. The previous book I read was called ‘Brass Verdict’ it was centred around Mickey Haller, with only appearances by Harry, and I enjoyed it must as much, so when Harry retires, I’ll still remain a fan of the author.

* I have been working hard trying to get Daisy's up to par. Slowly but surely I'm beginning to be more comfortable with Joomla. I can even add menus now, which sounds simple but not so when you're teaching yourself. Can't wait to see the store actually working as I'm desperate to know if I've set it up right.

* I know I’ve got more to add, but it escapes me at the moment. Best upload this, and hope it’s not too long between posts again.


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