Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day on Placement

Today was my first day on placement at an aged care facility. The only thing I got to do was feed one gentlemen. I also definitely know I don't want to work in aged care. There are only a handful of RNs in the facility. Two are on the floor as clinicians, and two hold management positions. The staff are mainly AINs (assistants in nursing) and ENs (enrolled nurses). As far as I can see we will be doing AIN work, so the mornings will be full on. I fed a gentleman today. There was no conversation but he was happy for me to feed him and he was grateful. I spoke to some of the other residents and it will be better tomorrow when I have time to interact. We did loads of paperwork and formalities today. Fire drill, confidentiality papers, manual handling procedures etc. I'm only there for this week. The first year undergrad students are there for two weeks. I'm so glad I've got next week off. Our facilitator is a nice guy and the group I'm in are lovely too. Most are young, there's one guy in his late 30's and one woman who's well in her 50's I think.


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