Sunday, October 03, 2010

My Day

I would like to blog more, but my day so often sounds so dull when I try to recount it in my head. The thing is though, it never feels dull to me. I enjoy my days. Whether I'm working heaps, doing errands, cooking, cleaning, it doesn't matter. I like what I do. I love being a Mama @ home.

The funny thing with the holidays is that I always imagine I'm going to have bucketloads of time to complete so much more than I normally do, but it never seems to happen, if anything I'm often more busy....

For example the kids are at golf clinic this week which means that I have all this time on my own. While the golf course isn't far away, they're doing major roadworks near my house, so it's currently taking me about 80 minutes a day just to take them and pick them up again. Before we started this morning, we headed out to visit the Cattery where Izzy will be staying while we're on holidays. We always left Charlie at home on her own, and the neighbours or a friend would come and feed her. Because Izzy is inside all night and enjoys the boys' company we can't leave her on her own. It wouldn't be fair to her. She would miss us dreadfully, and I would worry like crazy. The lady at the cattery said we could come and check out where the cats are housed, and I knew the boys would love to go and see too.

The place was outside of town, set in beautiful surrounds. The cattery was spotlessly clean and didn't even smell like it was full of kitties. The boys and I were in our element. We were allowed to pat the cats, the sociable ones that are allowed out into an open area. They were so smoochy, it was lovely. A burmese jumped on Billy-Joe's lap while he was crouched down to pat another cat, then, later the same cat jumped onto Sammy's back. It was so nice being in a full on cat environment. I asked the lady about Burmese cats as the owner breeds them. They sell for $400. That's an expensive little kitty.....I can just imagine Bunny if we said we wanted another cat lol......

I dropped the kids at golf and then headed to the store to order some pizza flour for Suzy and I. As I pulled up, my groceries had arrived, so that was good timing.

Ooops, I started that post 5 days ago lol, see how distracted I get. That's what happens when you do lots of things at once.

The weekend has been and gone. On Saturday I was looking forward to having a day where I could just please myself. I slept in a little, got up, did some chores and then got showered and dressed to go out. Suzy, Karen and I were going to a Thermomix class which I was looking forward to.

This is an old post, that I forgot to upload.


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