Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Gifts

I've got some gorgeous gifts from my girlfriends for this Christmas. Barbi gave me a gorgeous diary I can use for web/work stuff, it's got a gorgeous lime green cover with lots of info and recipes inside. Karen, gave me a beautiful glass ornament which is hanging where I often hang the mistletoe. It's beautiful, and very special. She also gave me a set of measuring spoons to match my Matryoscka measuring cups she gave me last year. Just gorgeous. For my birthday she gave me a sweet zippered case, which I could put makeup in, and an apple stamp from Kikki K. I will take a photo of my apple collection which Karen started for me. Does three things, count as a collection lol????

I dropped in to Daisy's today, as Suzy is finishing today and going away to Mackay for Christmas with her family. She gave me a beautiful red diary, which is so classy, the cover looks like embossed red leather, it's stunning. She also gave me a Womens' Weekly Christmas cookbook. It's a hardback book and I can't wait to sit down after dinner and peruse this book. The diary, is beautiful, I've never seen one like it before.

I'm feeling very spoiled and it's not even Christmas yet!!

I will have to take photos.....just wanted to write down my thoughts. I'm a very lucky girl with lovely and thoughtful best friends. It's so cool when you get bought stuff that you know has been chosen for you by people who know you very well.....

I am indeed blessed.

Monday, December 20, 2010


All's good in our home at the moment. Christmas Eve is looming, only 4 more sleeps!!

My health has been good, I've had no more funny heart flutter things, the doctor is pretty sure they're not panic attacks, so, for that I'm grateful, I had an ECG last week and it showed that all is normal.

The weekend was a full and fun one. Friday night was great fun @ Daisy's, with only a handful of us, it was a special evening. I managed, on Friday afternoon to dash into the Plaza and get almost all of what I need, including some new shorts and a top for me. At least now I have two pairs I can wear in public lol..... Friday night was a late one, it poured nearly all night. We'd had about 5 inches of rain for the entire weekend, so so wet. The dryer has been working overtime.

On Saturday I pottered around at home, trying to catch up on washing and chores. In the afternoon we headed off down the road, to have Christmas drinks with some of our neighbours. We had a fun evening, with good conversation and wine. It teemed rain the entire afternoon, but the kids made the most of their fantastic pool. It wasn't cold, just very wet. The kids and I came home around 8pm and Bunny came home around 10pm. We were all fast asleep when he ventured home, the kids exhausted from their huge afternoon in the pool and me because of the very late night before.

Yesterday morning, was a late start.....it was still raining. Bunny and I had a lie in together and enjoyed a very late breakfast. I cleaned up the kitchen and then did the shelving in the kitchen, and the glassware I have on display. By the time I'd finished it was almost time to get dressed to head down to the Church of Christ for carols. It was a very nice afternoon, I loved it. Billy-Joe came with me and Barbi was lead in the group that sang and she did a beautiful presentation of the Christmas story, very heartfelt as only Barbi can worship - Just beautiful. I saw some folk that were still attending from when I went there years ago, it was nice to be remembered. I'm thinking about returning. Just not sure.......

When I arrived home, I changed and Peter and I headed across the road to Hanni's place for more Christmas Cheer. We had drinks and nibblies and then stayed for dinner. The kids came over and joined us, and my parents were there too. She's a very generous lady and I'm so glad she's our neighbour. We have become friends and I enjoy helping her out. She is so kind to my kids too, something you don't often get from people other than relatives. Her family are all grown up and they and her grandkids all live in Melbourne. I think we're her surrogate family, and I'm pleased she's adopted us.

Today was a busy day. I was up early and we headed out to Erbachers, as I wanted to stock up on some of their yummy Turkish bread, and I also bought some cherries. We went into BigW and I bought Mickey some play clothes. He's grown so much of late, his pants are all tight. The other day I realized why.....many are a size 4 lol..... My boys are huge boys and get years out of their shorts, but as he's nine and a half I certainly can't complain!!

We came home, picked up Rusty and took him to the vet's for his second round of vaccinations. The kids were all keen to come with me, as the surgery cat, 'Jasper' is a huge kitty and I knew they'd enjoy seeing him. We asked the vet if Billy-Joe can do his work experience there, and it's all systems go! I'm rapt that we've got all that sorted. Billy-Joe is excited, and I think he will enjoy working there. Sammy and Mickey couldn't even cope seeing Rusty getting a thermometer in his behind, so they left the room!!! Billy-Joe was great and stayed there, and helped out with holding Rusty, I think he'll do fine there, it may be just what he needs to do in order to knuckle down and work hard toward a good OP score.

We came home and I baked our Vanilla Kipferln. I made about 60 of the divine, annual biscuits. The kitchen just smelled heavenly. Sammy said the smell always reminded him of Christmas.......

The kids decorated gingerbread men. I bought the kit, and it came complete with two huge biscuits and the icing. The one on the left is Sammy's and it's fully clothed, and the surreal looking one is Mickey's.

It was extremely hot last week, even Rusty thought so.

Trying to find a cool spot, and yes, it's on my kitchen countertop but no food is prepped there.

Rusty looking pretty.

My current desktop, it's a quick page, I'm so glad this isn't a blog followed for it's scrapbooking, because I always forget whose stuff I use and can't post credit, I didn't design this, just added the photo in Photoshop Elements.


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