Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two out of three

The kids are back at school today, well two are anyway. It has been nice having a quieter day, I do enjoy my time to myself, although I don't miss the getting ready in the mornings.
Thank God I got up early, had a quiet moment to myself, and then got started with the day. I'm pleased I was ready and in the car early as my car wouldn't start, so Bunny had to come and jump start me. Luckily the car was booked in for a service today, so it will have gotten a new battery.
When we finally got to school Billy-Joe got the kids organized in their rooms while I queued up to organize some new uniforms. Mickey has grown so much, and filled out that he looked absolutely ridiculous in his clothes. I had some larger sized ones, so that was good for today. The queue for the uniform shop was long and it was so hot in the room with no ventilation. The guy at the mechanics brought Billy-Joe and I home.
I did my ironing and finished the invoices for Barbi. I am so pleased that's finished. Two years of invoices from a busy retail store, is quite a lot of papers!!! Once again I handled a snake. I'm pretty sure it was a tree snake, but quite an aggressive one. Billy-Joe wouldn't even come out and take a photo of me holding it. He's absolutely petrified. It was quite a pretty snake, although not at all happy that Izzy was trying to hit him on the head with her paw. I'm sure she thinks it's a play thing. I don't think she caught it, I think it was just on the verandah, at one point it had half it's body inside the door, Billy-Joe really panicked then lol......

Billy-Joe and I then made melting moments, although I was disappointed with them as they're quite flat. I should have stuck to my tried and true recipe. I'm sure they'll all get eaten though.
Dinner is simple, spicy mango chicken with a potato salad. I don't feel like being in the kitchen for ages today as it's quite hot.
Tomorrow is Australia Day. Mum and Dad are coming around to celebrate. We'll have chicken skewers, sausages, pork spare ribs salads, and a home made pavlova for dessert. With a bit of wine thrown in too!!

This was the photo for today's Project 365!! It was supposed to be of the kids' first day of school, but we weren't in the same place all together at school, so it didn't happen.....lucky, the kitties are always there to photograph.


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