Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lose Weight

I was going to post this on another blog. I had a weight loss blog two years ago, which I kept fairly low key. Reading over old posts though, I see my knack for digression was rampant. I rarely stayed on the topic of the blog, so I've decided to post on here this time round. I lost weight in 2008, and promptly put it all back on over last year. After Christmas of 2008, I never went back to eating as I had, and the exercise regime fell away too.

I wrote down some notes in bed last night on my iPhone, and I've reviewed and revised them today after reading my food/exercise journal which I kept in 2008.

Lose weight
6 kilograms to fit in jeans for winter

Plan for Success and be prepared for challenges.

Fri nights @ Daisys, Have chicken and cashews
No frapp├ęs
(Thai food is ok, I'll just cut out the rice and won't have the curry puffs which we've had occasionally and no KFC, or, if we have KFC, no chips.

Saturday nights - a night where I generally cook something nice, if I eat sensibly all week, I can have something yummy on Saturday night.
Steak or lamb chops, char grilled vegies, polenta, Osso Bucco, curries made on lite evap milk, Many of the things I cook, I can still eat on a Saturday night.

Stir fry. No rice for me
Salsa chicken
Meat and salad
Poached chicken tosses through salad

Weekday meals don't have to change drastically either, which is good.

Pita pizza
Steak sandwich no pommes
Smoked chicken and pasta or salad
Stay away from home made pizza with cheese, I could make our smoked salmon pizza...and it won't hurt Peter to eat less pepperoni and bacon.

No wine mon tue wed and fri or just one small glass instead of two small glasses.

I want to not eat morning and afternoon tea, unless it's a piece of fruit, then I can allow a small wine at night. I'd rather a glass of wine than morning or afternoon tea.

Walk 20 mins everyday - go downstairs at 2.15pm. On Sat go down in am. Sunday go down after breakfast. My calf is still giving me a lot of trouble, both are but the left is worse. I've booked in to see my physio again. 20 mins today on the treadmill was agony. I walked heaps in 2008 even though my hip was so bad. I'd take pain killers beforehand. I'm sure the exercise is better than none at all.

Things to ponder.
I control food. It doesn't control me.
I am strong and determined.
I know I'm a health risk with being fat around my waist.
I'll feel better in as little as four weeks.
My anxiety attacks will ease.
I need to fit into my jeans, and I'd like to buy another pair for this winter, and I'm not going up a size.
I won't look so matronly.
Feeling guilty about being overweight is a much worse feeling than saying 'no' to a bad choice of food.

Tips for better choices
If peckish in the morning eat fruit
In the afternoon. Have pepsi and rice crackers.
Don't eat if I'm not hungry - nothing says I need to eat on the stroke of midday!! Something I do during the week, but am much more flexible with on a weekend.
Make sure my portions aren't huge. They should be much smaller than Peter's, not just a bit smaller.

Okay, so now it's out there. Making the decision is making me feel empowered. It really takes much more energy to whinge and whine and feel miserable about being fat than it does to do something positive. I've got a plan, and I know it's workable. I've done it before. I need to have a strategy in place when it gets toward Christmas though.

I'm not sure if I'm going to weigh myself religiously. I'll know on my clothing anway........


I had a very sheltered upbringing, a life with a brother and two parents who all loved and respected one another. We grew up with manners, and consideration and courtesy. We grew up surrounded by love and we were always well cared for. We had good food and were always taken on holidays. We enjoyed fun times with our family and friends.

I was well into adulthood, possibly even my late 20s before I realized the extent of evil that was in the world.

Watching Dr Phil today has just made me feel ill. It was of a family, or rather a man who molested an 8 year old girl, who later became his wife. She then gave birth to 11 children, the first at the age of 15. Her daughters were told they would be surrogate mothers, and one daughter bore two children to her father. The man, (I can't bring myself to call him a father) abused all his children and had sex with his daughters from when they were 8 or 9 years of age. The girls didn't go to school, and were prevented from talking to one another. They were not allowed to talk to their mother. The man ended up murdering 9 of the children, including the two he fathered to his daughter. He's in jail for 102 years...........while his family is trying to rebuild themselves. The mother was as much a victim as the children. She was 8 when he first molested her, she never went to school and had no skills to protect her own children. The guilt she suffers is overwhelming. Tomorrow the boys will be on the TV, I don't think I'll watch it. I don't know if I can watch another episode looking into those sad and haunted eyes. Actually I think the women will get through this better than the sons, there's a strength that you can see.

Then, to top it off, Oprah has a woman on her show, who has had her face shot off from her husband. She's had a face transplant, the first full transplant in the US, and the biggest face transplant in the world.

Evil perpetrated under the guise of a husband or a father.......
Shattered lives,
Like a phoenix from the ashes
Rises, strength and determination.

I think sometimes we take for granted all the good that is in our lives. It's too easy to bemoan the fact that we want things, or we want more money, or a bigger house, or a nicer car.....

I have soooooo much to be grateful for. I think and give thanks for these things every single day.

*I have a hard working husband, a man who loves me and respects me and supports me in everything I do.
*My children are healthy, beautiful, strong and full of spunk
*My parents are much loved and in my life
* I have gorgoeus tiny little cottage, that we can afford
*I drive an old car, which doesn't break down
*I have great friends, they respect me, laugh and cry with me, they support me, and listen to me.
*Apart from some health issues, I'm healthy, and what I have I am managing
*I am comfortable and safe in my home
*I am free to come and go as I please
*I'm not told who to befriend, who to talk to, what to spend, when to come home, I do everything I wish because my judgement and actions are respected
*My children respect and love me

There are more things, but after seeing all the sadness that some people have to endure......I had to count my blessings.


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