Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It's been another huge day. I enjoy being busy, but I so love sitting down at the end of the day.

This morning I was in the nursing lab at uni by 8am and then came home and picked up Sammy. We had his interview for high school next year. I can't believe that the child I worried about the most and protected so much and supported so much with the school's involvement is actually getting ready to attend high school next year. He's ready to tackle it and is ready for the challenges ahead. He's learned so much. I feel confident that he'll be okay. He found out last week that he was ASD. I've never sat him down to explain his 'diagnosis'. The label was needed for funding, so that he could have support all through primary school. I never told him as he never asked. I didn't want him to feel different or 'dumb' as the kids put it. He was upset though when he read the letter (that was addressed to me) and thought that ASD meant something really bad. In many ways Sammy is still quite young and it obviously never occurred to him that having extra help in the classroom was not the norm. I've had support for him since he was under four years old. Other mothers may not even have picked it up, but I'm so glad I did. He's still quirky, sees the world in a different way to most others but his uniqueness is a beautiful quality. I would not change him for anything but I want him to have the skills necessary to function confidently but also to know the right time and place to be as brutally honest as he is. The assistant to the principal made Sammy feel very comfortable and was amused with some of his responses.

Afterwards we drive to Maleny to take my MacBook to be fixed. I should have taken it there all along. It was 15/3 when I first took it to the other store and the computer is even worse than before. Sam was awesome at the store and I won't ever try another store. Apparently they've heard some interesting stories from the other store. Sammy and I had lunch. It was nice but too much food and too expensive. Ah well Sammy enjoyed it.

This afternoon I had parent teacher interviews for Billy-Joe. We just chose the teachers that gave great comments for behavior and attitude, but only good or satisfactory for the academic levels achieved. They all said the same thing, that he doesn't put the depth of knowledge into his assessments and assignments that are expected. It's exactly what I always say too, so it was awesome to have them say the same.

Gorgeous flower over a fence. I think it's a huge chrysanthemum. I love the color of it.

Humongous burger that Sammy had for lunch.

This rose is very special. At Dad's 80th we had one on the table. One of his friends brought it. I fell in love with it, especially when they told me it was a 'Yellow Bunny'. They gave me a cutting and now I have a bush too. It's blooming for you and I Dad. Xx

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