Sunday, October 09, 2011

Update - Dot Points

I don't have time to wax lyrical, because that's what it would become, were I to post all that's on my heart and mind.

  • I'm happy, very happy in fact, happier than I've ever been.
  • I'm also busier, busier than I've ever been.
  • Studying full time, with three kids, and a husband isn't easy, but much easier for me than some others. 
  • I consider myself very blessed and lucky because of the support and help I've got.
  • Had a shitty afternoon today, because of computer issues. I even took my BP at one point, and it was 160/100.
  • Love love love technology, until it has a conniption. 
  • Can't leave a problem, until it's solved.
  • Prac a few weeks ago, was fabulous.
  • I know this is what I want to do, not that I had any doubt before.
  • I know, I've got the right attitude, just have to hope the memory holds tight.
  • Loads of exams and things due shortly. I'm working on deadlines at the moment.
  • Anatomy and Physiology is my favourite subject, but so incredibly full on.
  • Next year, is going to be huge. With two days a week, clinical, and two days at uni, it's going to be huge. 
  • Needless to say I'm praying lots at the moment.
  • I"m doing a subject over summer semester. It will make my load less for the semester when I have an 8 week clinical placement. I have no idea how I'm going to  manage that, only God knows, and there's no point worrying about it now. Again, I will pray lots and hand it over the the good Lord.
  • I met and made a gorgeous new friend, an RN at the aged care facility where I did my placement. She's beautiful, smart, a deep thinker, good fun, funny, intelligent and I'm so pleased I met her. 
  • I wish I could work with her more, I could learn heaps from her. I especially learned how not to do things while I was on prac, not from her directly, but with her. This isn't the correct place to post details so I'll leave that one.
  • I'm currently listening to The Four Agreements on audio, Lyn recommended it to me, and it's awesome and quite profound. 
  • I've listened to 'The Help' and loved it.
  • I'm trying to become an advocate for an elderly lady I met at church years ago, and have no idea how to go about it. Well I have ideas, and I know there's help around, but I'm a little reluctant to pursue this line of enquiry. 
  • I'm enjoying all the little things in life too, a cup of tea, quiet time, time with my kids, good wine and talks with my husband, time with my parents when I can see them, reading a good book, laughing, cooking....... life is good.
  • Since I've started studying, the only thing I miss, is spending more time with friends and family. I know it's only for a short while, and I pray they understand. When I'm at home, I study, or take time out to just read and be. I like to keep housework/chores up to date, but have loads of help too from my kids, especially Billy-Joe.
  • Am still very sad that Steve Jobs died. I listened to his address to Stanford Uni a few years ago, and I love his words. I will watch that many times, as it reaffirms where I"m heading at the moment.
  • Am drinking good wine at the moment.
  • I miss my brother.
  • I want to spend more time with Suzy, Karen, Barbi and my Mum. 
  • I want to get to know Lyn better, again I need time....
  • I've made some lovely new uni friends. It's interesting though, that once again, I've taken on a nurturing role for the girls. I do admit thought that I love being a help and comfort to them.
  • The weather is warming up.
  • Church this morning was fabulous. I love God and my Church, although I've not found my place there yet. I'm so glad I went back after such a long time away.
  • Enjoy my Kindle, but am not impressed they brought out new ones, cheaper.
  • Bunny has been doing some chores around the house.
  • My car now can park off the road. Not bad seeing we've been here for ten years lol. On the 19.10 actually.
  • Billy-Joe is doing great off all meds. 
  • He's growing
  • I love him
  • He annoys me 
  • He's beautiful.
  • I'm blessed.


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