Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bah Humbug

I'm feeling a tad flat today. Not really sure why. I'm not feeling stressed although I've still got all my baking to do and my Christmas cards won't go to the Post Office on their own. I will make a start baking tomorrow. The kids are a bit cranky at times, and then they're well behaved and happy for hours at a time. The sad thing is though, that I've got no patience for the times when they are cranky or cheeky. I just blow up. I've had enough of the back chat and the 'Why do I have to?' crap that they go on with. Mind you, on the whole, they never end up disobeying me, the control I have wins out, and they always do as they're asked, it's just tiresome and wears on me.

I'm trying hard to feel Christmassy. Very hard. I've been putting my last needed ingredients in my Coles shopping cart and am thinking about what nibbles I'll make. I still have to go into the Plaza one more time to pick up some more gifts. Thankfully I still have a little money saved up for that.

I worked on the site this morning, and after last night's webinar, I realize how little I know. Even with doing this E Business Course, I've learned so much, but still have loads more to learn. I feel like I'm grappling in the dark, although the area is larger now than before. A Dreamweaver book I ordered from the Book Depository arrived today, so I'll have a play at making Daisy's a new site. I want something 'slick and more scrapbookingish' if that makes any sense.

I waiver with what I want to do workwise. I want to earn money, and spend money, but I don't really know what I want to do. I'm finding that with working on the site, I actually have less free time than I had when I was teaching, and far far less money. And yet I don't want to teach. I do like the idea of working with just myself. I know I'm talking in circles, but putting this down in print helps me put things in perspective.

I'm just truly blessed that my boss is also my best friend. In many ways Daisy's is as much mine as it is Barbi's. Not in the responsibility stakes, nor the financial side of it, but it was our Brainchild. Not hers and not mine, it's something that we share. It's almost like having a child with someone. There's a bond there beyond just a simple friendship. And I feel fortunate to be a part of it still.

Perhaps I'm not really Bah Humbug, perhaps I'm just in a reflective and contemplative mood, and there's nothing wrong with that I guess.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Operation Flea

Thought for the day
"Wonder what the neighbour thinks when he's standing in his garden and sees me venture to the wheelie bin, outfitted in my pink socks (because my feet get cold), my blue birkenstocks, and my shortie pjs with an apron on which is yellow with black dots and pink spots. Bewwidifullll!!!! lol......

Living in a sub tropical climate is awesome. Much cheaper than living where I grew up. Heating costs and clothing costs are much lower, although we do have a/c costs, but they're not as high as heating for 9 months of the year would be. Having said that, the heat does have its disadvantages, and one of those are creepy crawlies!!! In all my life in Geelong, I'd never seen a cockroach or a flea.....I did have bites sometimes from my cat, but never SAW a flea, and this was always fixed by putting a flea collar on kitty.......

Of course such a thing as a flea collar doesn't do anything up here!! With two cats, and Izzy who's allowed outside, we've had the two cats with fleas. Sammy is so vigilant and regularly checks both cats, several times a day and kills many a flea. So it was only a matter of time before the house became infested too!!! Izzy is treated systemically but Rusty is too young for us to do so yet, but because Izzy is allowed outside she brings live ones inside which promptly hop onto Rusty. We have treated Rusty topically but Izzy licks it off!!!!

So, today, I flea bombed the house, bathed both kitties in flea shampoo. This is a major task as we can't stay home whilst the house is being bombed.

I took the kids to Maccy D's and we availed ourselves of the free wi fi and had far too much junk food, but we had a lovely time. Thank God we rarely go there, as I spent over $40 on food and ice creams (and frappe for me), but it was an easy way to spend a couple of hours. Between us we had two Nintendo DSs an iPhone and an iPad, so we were rockin' with technology.

We came home, I vacuumed the house and opened up all the windows, and brought the kitties back from downstairs where we'd housed them whilst the war against fleas was raging. They are now exhausted, and still sleeping, bathing them makes them so tired lol......

I will wait and see, but I pray we have conquered these dreadful insects. The kids and I had a relaxing day though, which was lovely. They've been so good and as we spend so much time at home on the holidays it was nice to go out with them.


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