Saturday, January 22, 2011

To be successful I need to eat frogs.

Last night I bought a Kindle book called 'Eat that Frog' by Brian Tracy. Apparently it's a list maker's book, Alaine recommended it to me. It based on the premise that in order to be successful in life you need to eat the frogs first. This was based on something that Mark Twain said. If you eat a frog first thing in the morning the day can only get better. For us the frog I'd doing the task we dislike the most but will give us the best sense of achievement.

I started reading it this afternoon and am enjoying it. It works in really well with my one little word project for this year. This book is part of my journey for me to focus my energies not only to become more productive but to be better at what I currently do.

The bizarre thing is that while I find I can easily pinpoint my goals from a personal standpoint I am unable to figure out what I want to do work wise. In a nutshell I don't want to go out to work anymore. U enjoy working from home And organizing my life around what I do. On the other hand if I had something that was two days a week work, good money and I had school holidays. These jobs are rare. Oh that's right I have a job like that. I'm a teacher. But as with all jobs there are positives and negatives. The positives are, great money, I get to work with good people, I learn new skills. The negatives are I get rung up on e day I'm needed, and I may not be rung for weeks at a time, and yet I could lay money on the fact that the one day I've planned to go out or have a friend for lunch or a doctor's appointment is the day I get a call. Without fail!!!!! I also feel like I'm running on a facade of confidence as it's that which gets me through. I'm not experienced enough and certainly not experienced in special ed the area where I last worked and yet while I'm trusted I think it's more my age and attitude that makes the other staff members believe I'm quite capable. Basically I feel like I'm a fraud. I could study some more, but I don't have it in me anymore to do anymore uni study.

I enjoy variety in work, and I like being in charge of what and how I do things. That was great with teaching as there was no one over my shoulder telling me how to work. I've considered doing a course in Dreamweaver to build a new site for Daisys.

I love being a mother and a wife. That is my job and the only one I've had for this long. I enjoy making a home and taking care of my boys. And I know they appreciate what I do. I have job satisfaction galore. But the pay is crappy. I want mo money,but it's obviously not a strong enough motivator to get me into a 'proper job '.

I don't miss teaching at all. I was born in the wrong era for teaching. The entire system would need an overhaul before I considered teaching again. I can't cope with feral kids and the disrespect they bring. I don't want anything to do with that echelon of society. A terribly unchristian attitude from me I know but I'm interested in helping people who want help. Not someone who is going to fight me every step of the way.

My expectations are probably too high although it's a sad reflection on society if common courtesy, respect of your fellow man and manners are having too high an expectation. Tragic indeed. What needs to happen before things will change. How long before we acknowledge that the free reign approach to raising kids simply isn't working. Possibly something I'll never see.

It's hard to decide what to do when I haven't the faintest idea. How can I map out a plan when I know not my destination?

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ali Edward's One Little Word

I'm so glad I started this class. It's going to be a great journey. Thanks to Amy on the OLW Forum at who posted a link to a template that I could use. It made it so much easier.

I decided to do this project digitally. I have so many beautiful digital elements, it's unnecessary to buy anything to complete it. I'm really pleased I have a couple of friends doing this class too.


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