Monday, September 05, 2011

It's been a long time again between posts. My mind is never quiet, constantly whirring with new knowledge, deadlines and responsibilities. 

It's hard to believe the semester is half over. I'm an eighth of the way to another degree lol.....  

Every day I learn something new, well lots of new things, and sadly most seem to leak away out of my brain. Oh I wish I had some more RAM!! All the content makes sense to me, which is a good thing, so hopefully the knowledge will consolidate and become more readily available by exam time. I enjoy my time at uni. I've met some great people and there's a bunch of us that have quickly become friends. There's something special about being with a group of likeminded, and similar aged people all doing the same thing. We all learn from one another, and support one another. 
I'm challenged every single day. It's invigorating actually. I feel very much alive and very happy with what I'm currently doing. I've also never been so tired in my entire life. My every moment is full. In my spare time, I study. Which means, I have no spare time. So far though, I've not had to stay up late to study, but even when I did my first degree I never did that. I can't think when I'm dog tired, so there's no point. 

By far my most challenging subject is Anatomy and Physiology. The lecturer is a doctor. After a shaky start, she's doing really well. The amount of content and work involved is just huge. I put in more work into that one subject than the other three twice over. We cover a body system a week, and there is so much ground to cover. The subject also has weekly laboratory homework, plus online quizzes every second week, and the in between week there are laboratory questions which are assignments. 

If I were to have 'favourite' topics covered thus far, it would be the endocrine system and haemotology. 

We book time each fortnight to go into a nursing lab to practice our skills. i can't wait till we do injections and IVs. At the moment, we're spending most of our time doing assessments. 

I'm all set for my first practical placement which is in two weeks. I've got my shoes, two uniform blouses, black pants, nurses watch, and all my paperwork is done.

I've enrolled into a subject for the summer session. I figure that it makes sense to lighten my load toward the end of my studies. I figure I should keep up the  momentum while my motivation and energy levels are still high. There's a two week break over Christmas/New Year and I'd only be on campus once a week. I can do my research from home. 

Bunny and the kids have been absolutely fantastic. Their support, love, enthusiasm and encouragement has been a huge help. I'm so proud of how well the kids have adjusted. They're amazing. I love them all so very very much. 


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