Thursday, January 13, 2011

A good day

It's been a busy day today but one I've thoroughly enjoyed. The kids began a three day golf clinic today and I thoroughly enjoyed my three and a half hours of relative peace.

While I waited for my groceries to arrive I tagged some photos on iPhoto. I've caught up now. After I put the groceries away I headed into town as I needed a few things. Because the shopping centre carpark was flooded in on Monday the part that is already clean wasn't enough for the number of people who ventured out today. I had to park away from the centre but enjoyed walking with the sunlight on my face and the warm breeze in my hair. It was a lovely day today. So awesome to see the sun and yet it made it even more difficult to comprehend what is going on an hour down the road.

I needed new tea towels and hand towels so I got those. Mickey needs a new belt for his golf shorts. Because Rusty guzzled my water every night I've been taking a water bottle to bed with me. I've been using the kid' water bottles and I prefer my own. Watching kids drink and seeing the backwash makes me cringe every time I drink out of one of their bottles lol. I bought a Brita bottle with a filter. My Mum and Dad bought me a large Brita tank to keep in the fridge and I love the water so bought the same principle in a bottle.

In no time it was time to pick up the kids and I've pretty much been in the kitchen ever since. Sammy asked yesterday if I'd make blueberry muffins so today I bought fresh blueberries. The muffins are yummy but I will continue to look for a recipe that makes them in the same texture as those you find in the stores. That fine but quite gooey texture is just divine in a muffin. I didn't manage to replicate what I wanted but they're yummy.

As we started the Kikki K chore chart last week one of the tasks is that the kids have to cook their own dinner every Thursday night. They cooked. (wait for it) Spaghetti Bolognaise. Their favourite meal and they ate copious amounts. They cooked half the pasta that I normllally cook but the same amount of meat and they devoured the lot.

My goal is that I want them to have this important skill. One day they'll have dates and wives too and I want them to be complete with all the skills any woman wants of her man. Plus, they'll be able to look after themselves too. It will also give them an application for what is involved. Eve today Billy-Joe said, "no wonder you sweat so much when you cook, this is hot work". he and Sammy cooked dinner using the Thermomix. Billy-Joe already told me that he needs a Thermomix before he needs a car!!!!!! Even Sammy is impressed with how much it can do.

I've made a Lamb Pide for us. I minced my own lamb and ground and made up my own Turkish Spice Mix. Hope it's yummy.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Floods

I've been thinking about this post for the last few days, and honestly I don't know what to say, but I can't let this go without mention either.

Before Christmas and just after, we were concerned about Ricky and Dee and their critters. They left the coast on Christmas Day as they were aware the rivers were rising, and that if they dallied, they may well have been unable to get home. Thankfully they made it home safely, but were on high alert until last week when they were given the okay, as the river nearby was going down. Sadly, though, many others didn't fare so well. Rockhampton, and then this week, Maryborough and Gympie have copped it. So many people have lost their belongings and homes.

But that wasn't the worst of it. When I watched the footage on the TV last night, it was like seeing the Tsunami footage from Phuket a few years ago. Water running through the main street of Toowoomba. The water picking up cars, as though they're just flotsam and jetsam. Unbelievable. I watched some more footage on YouTube today.

Our country is certainly one of extremes, if it's not burning or bone dry, it's copping water. I've lived here for 21 years and haven't seen rain like this before. Our town has copped 20 inches of rain already this year. Wonder if they'll continue building the pipe with which they plan to send our water to Brisbane in???

Brisbane is currently a disaster zone. People are being evacuated and are unable to leave to come home if they live here on the coast. The show grounds are an evac zone.

I take my hat off too the Qld Police, SES and Road workers, who are risking their lives to help others in trouble. It does shit me no end, however, the number of idiots that attempt to cross flooded roads, even after they've been advised not to.

I won't post pictures, you'd have to be living under a rock not to know what's been going on.

We are relatively safe. Peter came home early from work, while he could still get over the soon to be flooded bridge. We've had water in downstairs, but honestly, it's not even worth worrying about when you know what others are going through. We'll throw out some stuff............that's all.

I pray for comfort for those who have lost loved ones. I pray for comfort and shelter for those who have lost their belongings and or their homes. I pray that people will find their missing family members.


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