Friday, March 23, 2012

Assignment finished

I finished the assignment. Ive spent far too much time on it but I'm not doing it again.

It's certainly an area that interests me. At least I understand much better and I could look at one and know what I'm looking at.

Now a little time to relax.

Dad, it's me. I wonder if you've seen Opa yet. He will be looking for you. We are all going well down here. The weather is revolting. You would love it as much as me. Seeing as we both loathe going out in it. I love it when th screensaver comes up on the iMac and there's the photo taken a few Easters back where you're walking quickly in the drizzle ducking low but using your hands to protect your camera when you really want to cover your head. I hate getting wet too, and lately we've had so much rain. You'd be constantly emptying your rain gauge.

I went to see Mum this week but she slept in as it was teeming and I was early. You'd be so proud of her. She wanted to listen to the music you loved so much and she plugged in your little speaker dock. She was very concerned that all they did was make a humming noise. We laughed when I discovered she hadn't even plugged in the iPod into the dock!!!! I don't know where she thought the music was going to come from. I played a bars of the music and she asked me to turn it off. She cried Dad. You both would listen to that music all the time. Many lovely memories and special evenings were spent with that music. I cried too and we held each other. In time she will listen to it again and it will bring you close again. For now, it's still too hurtful.

Love you Dad. Xxxx

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ive got loads to say as per usual. Whether it makes it into print is not always a given. My Opa died on Sunday. Kind of surreal that my grandfather died three months after my father. I feel sad for my Mum of course and my Uncle and step grandmother. Apparently Opa was in a lot of pain for the last few days prior to his death, so he would certainly be at peace now. Uni is hard. I gave this assignment due on Monday which is about reading and diagnosing off an ECG. To say its hard is an understatement. I've noticed that the subjects I'm taking which are run by nurses are awesome. The ones run by academics/researchers/mad professors are ridiculous in their expectations. Last year I got a Distinction for a professor run subject. If only I could be so lucky this semester. I will be happy to pass. I can look at an ECG and see where the atria and ventricles contract and relax. The issue I have, is that as a nurse, I'd be expected to put the leads in the right place and hand the strip of paper to the doctor. Mind you, now I'll be looking at them and looking for anomalies. A friend of mine, said that many who have the assignment don't even know what the PQRST waves actually denote. I'm not amongst that group thankfully. Mind you, I do find it fascinating though. Cardiac or oncology. I don't know where I'll specialize. A friend of mine is running for the Buderim seat in the state election on Saturday. I'm helping her and was supposed to be getting all the banners and information tonight and I decided to avoid the rain and go and get it tomorrow afternoon instead. I've got to see the doctor tomorrow. I have to have my final Hep B shot to get my titre levels up so that all is good with going on placement. Apart from my pathophysiology subject, I'm feeling so confident. Confronted with an I've machine for the first time on Tuesday I was able to set up an IV and put in the relevant data. I just can't wait to be in a hospital. I've got two assessment pieces due in on Monday. One of which I've already done as it's an ongoing weekly workbook that I keep up to date. I had a girl on Tuesday wanting to see my book!!!! No way I wasn't going to show her and give her answers. Not to someone who asks what a gravity fed IV pump is!!!!! I work with my friends and we help each other but I'm not giving my hard work to a stranger to copy. We are all looking forward to the Easter Break.


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