Saturday, January 01, 2011


Happy New Year Blog! What does the new year mean for you? Would be nice if I posted more frequently and added more photos and more of the things I create. I'm often so excited just to actually create, and then I forget to photograph it and place it onto my blog. I should do that, because sometimes I actually inspire myself and I'm happy with my cards or efforts. I get so much inspiration from others' work when I read blogs, and yet often I feel quite overwhelmed with the quality of what's out there, that it intimidates me to the point of inadequacy, which is really ridiculous, because I've never ever created for kudos or praise. I've always made things, ever since I was a kid, and I've never been concerned that my items weren't as good as someone elses, simply because the mere act of creating brought me joy. There's nothing like the relaxed and therapeutic feelings one derives simply from making something. I can receive that joy from crocheting, knitting, card making, using my Copics, teaching someone, taking photographs, editing pictures, digi scrapbooking, writing and even cooking. I like the feeling of making something from supplies or ingredients and I enjoy the completed task, whether I keep it myself, or give it away. My Mum has always appreciated my efforts, so I enjoy giving her something I've made.

Last night, for New Year's Eve, I went to Daisy's. I spent the night with Barbi and Lisa Hayes showed up unexpectedly as well as Lisa W and a friend of hers. Lisa Hayes' friends and family couldn't make their arranged festivities, so she brought her food with her and we all enjoyed a lovely dinner of roast chicken potato salad and scrumptious dips. I also ate some of her fruit cake which was very nice too. I coloured in some images, and had a ball. I only did three images, but just loved how I felt while I was doing it. That's what I'll focus on - just how it makes me feel. The end product isn't really that important, it's the pleasure that it brings me, and then again the pleasure when I am able to give someone something I've made. The birthday card I gave Sammy the other day, was one of my early copic attempts and he just said straight away, 'I love the cards you make'.....Sammy isn't quick with compliments or praise, so this really meant a lot.

I sit here and I am happy. Just peacefully and completely happy. How does one put a value on that? I have no money in my wallet, I have no savings, but I am happy. Happy with my life, my children and a wonderful husband who has helped create this environment we live in. We've had a couple of really nice mornings together, holidays are such wonderful times to reconnect as a couple. I loved the look on his face as I entered his room at 5.30am yesterday morning. Just precious. And again this morning, when I rang him and asked him to come into mine..........sweet mornings of love, talking and just enjoying being us without the pressures of children or work or deadlines or work, or work.......!! Just blissful.

This morning, ahem I should say after midday, after I'd showered and had breakfast on the back verandah, we cleaned and tidied up. The Christmas tree is put away, as well as most of the other decorations. I've left the Adventkranz up and have also left the 'stick' up with the baubles over the dining table as it's quite pretty and doesn't take up any useful space.


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