Thursday, June 14, 2012

The hardest one

Last year, during my first semester back to formal study, I was quite concerned with the amount of information I had to process for anatomy and physiology. I got a Distinction for that subject!! I'm still stunned about that as it was so difficult. This semester amongst other subjects, of course - I've been doing Pathophysiology. I was quite looking forward to this as I'm so interested in what the pathology is behind various diseases and illnesses. Sadly this subject is presented by a set of scientists and not nurses!! Actually the two or three good lectures were presented by a doctor, who was our lecturer last year. She's fabulous. Presents content in a coherent and orderly manner, and presents it from a clinical point of view, and not a 'mad scientist's' point of view. 

A group of us, all with prior degrees will be posting our evaluations and they won't be favourable. From a teaching point of view the learning objectives are not aimed toward a paramedic or a nurse!! There are hundreds of us doing this subject and it's been running for a few years. The complaints have been regular but nothing has been done.............

Anyway, as per usual, I digress. Today is that exam. There will be 60 multiple choice questions. I'll have about a 25% chance of getting the correct answer lol.......  40% of the exam is an essay on diabetes. Not just a long answer question, but a full blown essay, complete with introduction and conclusion. They want so much information included that's just not possible to include within an hour time frame or within the recommended 1000 word limit. I've written a copy of mine, and without intro and conclusion and with some sections I'm quite au fait with, I've just put notes, and it came to almost 1200 words!!! Some of my friends, who have prior science degrees have written theirs in 2000 words!!!! There's no way they will have time to write that in the allotted time. 

Thankfully this exam isn't a hurdle task. This means that you don't need to pass the exam to pass the subject. With my marks so far (which aren't great) I don't need to do much correct in order to pass the subject. My heart goes out to people who haven't passed anything so far........and I think there are quite a few............  To do this subject again, would be horrible. I've had to wear a lab coat during laboratory sessions. I can't wait to sell it. If my textbook hadn't been so expensive, I'd burn it with a ceremony of thankfulness...........

I'm not a 'stresshead'! I don't generally feel any angst toward exams, nor do I feel ill. Having said that............I've lost hair. I have a bald patch, which I have to cover with a comb over lol.......The only other time that's happened is after I'd had Mickey and I was a new Mama to three kids. 

Dear Lord, help me today, fill me with peace, comfort me as I know I need to feel relaxed when I enter the exam venue this evening. Allow me to work through the questions and find the knowledge in my brain.  



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