Sunday, November 14, 2010

Focus is focussing

I can't believe there are only 40 days until Christmas Eve. The time is just racing by. November has been busy so far, and intends to stay so. Last week I had an evening about Billy-Joe's year 10 work experience program. He is interested in working with animals, so I'll go and see Kim Evans about the possibility. While in my heart I don't believe Billy-Joe has what it takes to do Veterinary Science, as far as academics go, but we'd like him to experience working with animals. I'm thinking this will either make him realize, working with animals isn't for him, or, that he loves it so much, he'll pull his finger out and really apply himself to his school work, and aim high for an OP 1 which he needs for Vet Science. While I don't think he has what it takes to achieve this, it's not because I don't think he's bright enough, it's because he's so much like me........he gets by with doing the minimum and doing well. He's never extended himself to strive to do well. He does such a small amount of homework and still does well. Far out, I know someone else like that. Once I was in High School, I realized that I could still do well without trying too hard. The downside to this, was, that even when I wanted to work harder on subjects I finally found difficult, I honestly didn't know how. I'd never had to work hard, and doing physics and Chemistry was too much for me. I was good at school, and learned easily, but I'd never been overtly taught how to study. I think this overt teaching of such an important skill, is still sadly lacking in our schools today. Once rote learning, and merely reading information isn't enough, strategies need to be employed and this isn't taught. I didn't become a good 'studier' until I did my university degree as a mature aged student, when I taught myself how to study. Anyway, once again I digress......
Billy-Joe is now aware that Year 10 will bring with it new challenges and that he has to amp up the workload if he wants to do well. I've also explained to him, that getting into a degree as a mature aged student is also an avenue. I'd not been interested in Sixth Form (Year 12), and was more than happy to work when I left school at the end of Fifth Form (Year 11). I still got my degree, and I didn't even need my HSC. It gets to a point where life experience and work experience counts for a lot. I think it's a huge ask, expecting kids to know what they want to do when they 'grow up'. Heck, I'm still growing up and exploring options.
The weekend was just lovely. No obligations and no plans. Just perfect after a busy week. As usual I went scrapping on Friday night, and had a lovely night. I did sweet FA though.....need to pull my finger out and make some Christmas cards. Thankfully I never have to make many, as I don't post many, as I only make cards for those friends, I don't see.
I sewed in all my spare time this weekend. I went to Brians Fabrics the other day and had a ball fossicking through all he had to offer. I'll attach photos, my bag isn't perfect, but not a bad first attempt. I've decided that woven interfacing will make the difference. It's a pain, because it's so expensive. I'm trying to source it cheaper, $30/metre seems rather prohibitive for something you don't even see. Actually my fabrics were only $7.50/metre, so I'm not paying $30 per/metre for interfacing!!!! I can't wait to go back and buy some more fabrics. I'd bought enough fabric for about three bags, but I'd mis read the back of the pattern, and hadn't bought enough fabric. Shucks, now I need to go back and get some more.
On Wednesday, my niece Julia graduates! I can still feel the weight of her as I held her as a newborn. She's asked me to take photos of her and her friends at the beach beforehand.That will be fun. I've got some ideas. Ricky is picking me up, as I am not supposed to drive, as I'm having an MRI earlier that day. My Mum and Dad, and I are invited to the pre formal drinks, so I'll go to that after I've taken some photos. I can't wait to see her. She'll just look beautiful. I'm looking forward to see my baby brother too. He's coming for dinner on Thursday night, so that will be fun too.
My handbag I made on the weekend

The dinner I cooked last night. Pork loin chops with a sweet and sour cherry star anise sauce, served on bok choy.


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