Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm excited

A few people I know are going to Melbourne to see the Tutankahmen Exhibition. It set me thinking. Sammy has had a thing about Egypt for a few years now. Seeing how passionate he is about something so fascinated, has always pleased me. The best I've ever been able to do, is to buy him books on the subject. He reads about this topic 90% of the time. The other 10% he reads about Roman or Greek Civilizations.

As many of you know, I grew up in Geelong, and loved it there. I left because there was nothing left for me when my second marriage dissolved. I was 27, twice married, and dispirited. Like I've said before I'd never go back to live there, but I love it, and always will. It's my home town. Where I went to school.

Anyway, once again I digress...... I'm going to take Sammy to the Exhibition with me. I'm going to spend time with my girlfriend and my relatives in Geelong. I can't wait. I'm taking one of my darling boys to something which will be akin to paradise for him. Can't wait to see his face on the 29th December when he opens his card with this message.

I started that post quite a few days ago, as usual life has gotten in the way of me whiling away my time writing.....

Today is Saturday, it's now evening. I've had an awesome day. The weeks have been so incredibly busy. I left home this morning and spent the time shopping with Suzy, wishing I had loads of money. The sales were awesome, the clothes selection even better. And thank the Lord I wasn't let loose in the crockery department, as all the Christmas dining ware was out and just looked stunning. Suzy and I went to a Thermomix demo today, it was the Christmas one. Once again the food was fabulous and I bought two cookbooks. The Meat one and the Festive Season one. I made the Garlic and Herb butter pull apart to eat with dinner tonight and it was my first success with making a dough in the Thermomix. It made a huge loaf, and everyone loved it. I'm looking forward to making some Christmas fare from this book.

We picked up Rusty yesterday. He's just gorgeous. I've got no photos to post as yet, I'm hoping to get some tomorrow. So far he and Izzy aren't getting along too badly, so I think they will actually become friends.......

I promise more photos soon.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Julia is third from the left, my eldest niece's graduation.

I have so many things to write about, I so wish I wrote just after things happened, rather than waiting a week.......I'll dot point my entries, to make it easier for me and for you the reader.
* Life has been extremely busy of late. But it's all good. I am looking forward to a couple of quieter weeks, although with Christmas looming, this may not be the case. We're all looking forward to the Christmas break so very much. The kids finish school next week. I'm looking forward to a quieter holiday break too as I won't be working on setting up the site like I was this time 12 months ago. We've made some decisions regarding the store, and making the store smaller will be much easier to manage. I'm excited about changing it. I've also got my name down to do a short course next year in Dreamweaver. I'd like to build another site for Daisy's as my job lot for the course I'll be doing. Using a CMS is great, but very limiting as I've been advised by a good friend of mine. I want the flexibility which I don't have using Joomla. Mind you it's been great, but sometimes you don't know what you need until you start with something, then your goals become clearer.
* I had an arthrogram and an MRI last week. It was a huge day, I was at the hospital from 10.30 in the morning and didn't return home until 3.30pm. I was exhausted. I had an ultrasound as well, and then a couple of hours to kill while I waited for the next step. Thankfully Barbi came and we had coffee together in the cafe across the road. It was a lovely way to spend a few hours. I had taken my book and my iPad, but chatting with her was much better of course. We've not been able to catch up for our weekly coffees, so this was much needed for both of us.
* I came home from the hospital, weary and a bit sore and off feeling. The arthrogram needed about 5 needles before the fluid for the contrast was injected. I got home, and had to shower and get dressed up as I was taking photos of my niece's graduation, of her and her friends. I was also going to the pre formal evening. By the time I sat down at 8.30pm, I was well and truly weary. I had enjoyed doing the portrait shoot, but was very pleased that the day was over.
It was also our wedding anniversary, but we celebrated it on Saturday.
* The portrait shoot went well, but the time was too short. Actually the shoot didn't go as well as I would have liked, but with my editing I was actually able to achieve the look I'd set out for. Initially we'd decided, well Julia, decided to have a beach shoot, but with time limitations and the high probability of a windy afternoon, we changed the venue. I set Julia on a mission to find a grungy wall covered with graffiti. I told her of my idea to have something a bit different, and she liked the idea. Unfortunately these photos were the ones that turned out a bit overexposed, but I was able to create the look I wanted without too much post processing. My focus was out though, but that's probably more noticed by me, (and people who know what they're looking at) than Julia and her friends. That night I didn't sleep well, I fell asleep quickly, but then awoke and couldn't go back to sleep as I was worried about the pictures. I got up at 2am and edited a few, saw that I could fix them and went back to bed. Needless to say I was quite weary the next day, but relieved. I had a sleep during the day, as Ricky was coming for dinner that night and I didn't want to be tired for that.

* I enjoyed a bottle of champagne with Barbi on Friday night. It was a great reward after a big week. It was a good night of chatting and just being together. Barbi's daughter graduated that week too with Julia, and was heading off to Japan on the Sunday. A huge step for a young woman, who only a few years ago, still wanted her Mum to walk her into the school grounds every morning. In the last few months, even, she's matured and grown up so much. What an experience for her to be in Japan for 8 weeks. There she'll experience Japanese life and culture first hand, and is also lucky to be going to a school while she's there.
* Saturday I decided to finish editing Julia's photos. I'd done most of them, but was stuck on the few I wanted to make 'special'. Billy-Joe had organized to go and spend time at a friend's house so I had to drop him off there. I asked for Suzy's help and we spent a lovely afternoon together chatting, and running out of time as usual. But the main thing was she'd refreshed my memory on a few processes, so that I could finish the photos. Julia left for schoolies on Sunday morning, so I've still got a few photos to finish.
* Saturday night was lots of fun. Peter and I finally got around to celebrating our wedding anniversary.I was spoilt as he bought me a gorgeous gold ring with a peridot and amethyst in it. He also bought me some silver ear rings. They were from my brother who owns MiBling.
* Sunday we decided to go down the coast and have a look at a few things for Billy-Joe's room. We ordered his bed and will go back in the New Year to get some cupboard organizers and a desk. It was great just spending time together. We'd considered buying a new PC for the kids as theirs had pooped itself!! We didn't buy one as a gaming computer of course isn't a cheap entity. Now I'm even thinking that I might update my iMac and let the kids have my iMac. We'll wait though, and I think when enough time has elapsed the kids will be so used to using my iMac they won't need a PC anymore. That's my theory anyway.....I've also spoken to them about the fact that they don't play enough and I've changed 'ScreenTime', they now can't go onto a screen of any form until 5pm. Needless to say they're not real thrilled with that idea, but guess what??? They're playing more, so I won't change it any time soon. Billy-Joe was the one most disappointed actually, as he says he doesn't play with toys, but he's on the computer for many more hours as he stays up longer, so I've enforced it with him too. There has to be a balance.
* We get Rusty on Friday. I can't wait. I'll get him in the morning, so I can have him to myself for the WHOLE DAY as I won't get a look in once the kids come home from school.
* The kids had Crazy Hair Day as a fundraiser for Diabetes.

  • Sammy with Rusty and his sister Holly

Crazy Hair Day


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