Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm excited

A few people I know are going to Melbourne to see the Tutankahmen Exhibition. It set me thinking. Sammy has had a thing about Egypt for a few years now. Seeing how passionate he is about something so fascinated, has always pleased me. The best I've ever been able to do, is to buy him books on the subject. He reads about this topic 90% of the time. The other 10% he reads about Roman or Greek Civilizations.

As many of you know, I grew up in Geelong, and loved it there. I left because there was nothing left for me when my second marriage dissolved. I was 27, twice married, and dispirited. Like I've said before I'd never go back to live there, but I love it, and always will. It's my home town. Where I went to school.

Anyway, once again I digress...... I'm going to take Sammy to the Exhibition with me. I'm going to spend time with my girlfriend and my relatives in Geelong. I can't wait. I'm taking one of my darling boys to something which will be akin to paradise for him. Can't wait to see his face on the 29th December when he opens his card with this message.

I started that post quite a few days ago, as usual life has gotten in the way of me whiling away my time writing.....

Today is Saturday, it's now evening. I've had an awesome day. The weeks have been so incredibly busy. I left home this morning and spent the time shopping with Suzy, wishing I had loads of money. The sales were awesome, the clothes selection even better. And thank the Lord I wasn't let loose in the crockery department, as all the Christmas dining ware was out and just looked stunning. Suzy and I went to a Thermomix demo today, it was the Christmas one. Once again the food was fabulous and I bought two cookbooks. The Meat one and the Festive Season one. I made the Garlic and Herb butter pull apart to eat with dinner tonight and it was my first success with making a dough in the Thermomix. It made a huge loaf, and everyone loved it. I'm looking forward to making some Christmas fare from this book.

We picked up Rusty yesterday. He's just gorgeous. I've got no photos to post as yet, I'm hoping to get some tomorrow. So far he and Izzy aren't getting along too badly, so I think they will actually become friends.......

I promise more photos soon.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I'm sure Sammy will be over the moon when he finds out about his trip and it will be so good for you to catch up with loved ones. Can't wait to see photos of your new baby, see you next Friday!


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