Monday, January 04, 2010

I scrapped

I had a fabulous day today. And a very productive one too. In the morning Suzy came and brought her kidlets around. Bailey has an undiagnosed cat allergy and she wanted to see how he reacted. They spent two hours here. Suzy and I chatted. The boys played on their DSs and on Mario Kart, while Lily enjoyed playing with Izzy. So much so, that when she was told they were going home, Lilly had Izzy draped her arm. It was so funny. That kitten is amazing, she played with Lily the entire time and never got cranky, never scratched, never bit. Kittens can often scratch by accident, let alone when they're constantly picked up and not left alone. Izzy slept for four and a half hours after Lily left. I think after the attention we've given her, someone else's child is a walk in the park lol.... Very nice to know she's kid friendly. Bailey wasn't too interested in her. For the sake of our experiment, we had him pat her...... we were quite excited that he never had a watery eye or a single sneeze. I hope he stayed that way.

After Suzy left, we had lunch and I spent until well after four working on the website. I prepared a Carbonara for dinner which was just delicious, and also made a salad. In the early evening I started a digital layout and updated my blog with my goals for this year.

Thank goodness no one follows my blog because of my digi scrapping. For a start I don't do enough, and secondly I never remember whose stuff I use........

The journalling reads as follows

Every year I struggle with Book Week Parade. I’m so glad that Peter always helps me out and has some good ideas. He’s supportive and I can count on him to get any accessories I need. The reward is just the delight in my children’s eyes. This year, Sammy went as an Egyptian God, (Of course) and Mickey’s theme was an aboriginal one, and we were lucky and had a t’shirt with aboriginal art on it.

I am endeavouring to be more structured and goal oriented in my life. I know I need a map to get there, so I've signed up with Donna Lingard on A Creative Challenge.

Below are her exercises for Week 1. I don't even know if I can answer some of these. My life seems so simple.........okay, here goes.

1. Magic Moments of 2009

What were some of your Magic Moments?

Talking to Sammy about things which really bother him.

Watching the kids play golf.

Having some great fun nights with my husband.

Spending more times with my girlfriends

Tasting some fabulous wines

Eating some divine food which I cooked.

Falling in love with audiobooks

What was extraordinary in your life?

That my kids are growing up and things are getting easier

Amazing accomplishments?

Not sure about amazing...

Learned how to use Leopard (and Snow Leopard) really well

Adapted to using a MacBook

Read more in depth about my camera and am using more settings

Actually watched an entire two series of a show I was really interested in

Important decisions you made?

To ge gentle on myself, things don't have to be perfect all the time

To concentrate on my debt and reduce it to suit my reduced work hours

Exciting experiences you had?

Visiting Rainbow Beach for the first time, and staying in a nice big house

Food and Wine Show in Brisbane staying at the Mantra

I've kept my goal of a fairly personal nature. I will always give my best to my children and husband and that's always a given. These goals are for my own personal well being and my own sense of growth. I know that looking after myself only turns me into a better wife, mother and all round person. The more I give myself the more I have to offer.

2. Goal Setting Time

20 quick goals These are the very first ideas that come to mind

Scrap more. Digi or paper

Make more cards

Learn how to use Copics

Buy more Copics

Exercise regularly

Do Wii Fit Plus regularly

Play Wii with the kids frequently (and beat them!!)

Take more photos

Lose Weight

Blog/journal more regularly

Try to set more goals

Become more ambitious

Go to the movies more

Try more new recipes

Get rid of more crap and organize belongings better, eg with Ikea wardrobe stuff etc.

Learn Joomla

20 goals dreaming without limits

Go on a cruise

Go overseas often

Eat out regularly

Own a Honda

Pay for my kids to go to university

A bigger house

Take cooking lessons

Actually have my whole house matching and in the same state of repair/age

All walls painted

20 goals for 20 years look way into the future

3. Top 10 Goals for Twenty Ten

Learn how to use Copics

Lose weight and exercise regularly

Scrapbook more

Take more photos

Get Daisy's website to where it could be and keep it evolving.

Spend more time with family

Play more with the kids, the Wii is awesome for that

Organize wardrobes in all bedrooms.

Buy Billy-Joe a new bed

Paint rooms

I need three more goals. I'll have to think about them.


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