Sunday, October 23, 2011

The relief is palpable.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away. I used to get bored!! I can't even comprehend being bored now. My life is so full and there's barely space to fit everything I want to do, let alone time for being bored.

This weekend, I feel like I can breathe a little easier. My schedule is beginning to lighten, in that all my assignments are completed. The relief I feel is very liberating.

Last weekend, I'd hit a wall, metaphorically speaking. I'd spent the entire week, in fact the entire term keeping my uni friends bouyant and reminding them of their positive attributes and that there was no reason to be stressed. Unfortunately by last Friday, I'd got a to a point where I had nothing left to give as far as consoling and supportive words go. I can't say enough for my husband, who spent the weekend, being my friend, lover and rock. By Monday morning, I was back to my normal self. Full of confidence,  happiness and with a good attitude once again.  I don't know what I'd do without him. He's so good to me. Love him to bits. We had a nice weekend. On the Saturday night he took me out to the local Thai restaurant. Their food is divine and even though it was bucketing rain, we had a nice night. On Sunday we went out and purchased a coffee machine. We settled for a Nepresso Latissima+ (passion red).  For someone who doesn't drink a huge amount of coffee, I've certainly made up for it this week. I've had about 15 cups or something already this week. The coffee is delicious. Our milk consumption has gone up too!! We opted for the machine with the pods, primarily because there was a demonstrator in store and we could taste the coffee. We were both impressed and managed to get a $600 machine for $428.

On Wednesday, we headed to Brisbane again to see Billy-Joe's Respiratory Paediatrician. We received some very good news about his asthma. Billy-Joe, after ten years, is no longer on any puffers!! Fingers crossed that he stays well. His spirometry reading was identical to the one they took last time when he was still on his full meds. Needless to say, we're very happy about that. It's been a part of his life for so long, and now no more. I'm praying that he stays healthy. We'll also be going back to him, if anyone suggests that Billy-Joe needs to go back onto meds.

It's been a good week overall, albeit a busy one. On the Tuesday, I spent the day with Julz finishing our poster on gas exchange. We're pretty rapt with how it all turned out. We handed in the written portion today, and will hand in the hard copy tomorrow. I'm sure we'll get a good mark for it. On Thursday I had to co present a health promotion that we'd devised. Three of us worked together. It was about breast feeding, and it went well. I think we'll get a good mark for the too. I've got an essay due soon. It's complete, except for the reference list. So basically all my major assessment pieces are done and dusted. Now I've only got four exams and one practical exam that I need to concentrate on.

In five weeks, we'll be heading off to Rainbow Beach with Mum and Dad. We're all looking forward to the break and to enjoying being together.

I went to church this morning, popped in and saw my Mum and Dad, and then came home. I made a huge batch of pikelets and some good coffee. I went on the treadmill too, for the first time in ages. Unfortunately a lot of the weight I lost has snuck back on again, and I'm not happy about it. I know exercise is good for me, and it's become a time issue. I am hoping I can fit it in now. It's important for me to stay well and to be at least a little fit.

The boys are off playing golf. A gf called in for coffee for an hour and now I'm heading back to my books. I'm meeting Julz tomorrow before the lecture to do some more revision for Anatomy and Physiology.

Enough leisure, off to work now. Until next time.


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