Monday, May 03, 2010

Same photo, I know - but

I'm totally in love with these kitschy digital frames and I've learned something along the way. I actually really like working with the png format from a change to the brush files. I always wondered why often there are two different file types....I know I'm a bit slow sometimes. I used the same photo again, because this is my favourite coloured frame and the photo compleents it perfectly.

It's the Monday of the long weekend. I'm supposed to work at Daisy's tomorrow and Wednesday in store, but I won't be able to do it tomorow, I'm not happy about that. I did some chores when I first got up today and quickly realized I wouldn't make a day at work. Home is good, I can sit, stand, walk, lie down when it pleases me. I've left a message on the physio's phone, so I'm hoping I can still get my appt that they originally offered me. Thank goodness it's improving though. I still wish I knew what triggered the muscle spasms in the first place though. I was trying to think, the last time this happened was about four years ago, so considering all my aches and pains, my back has been remarkably good. On the other hand though Carlie has always manipulated my spine whenever my shoulder or neck plays up so that's probably helped to keep things in check.

I'll do Daisy web work tomorrow of course and hope like crazy I can go in on Wednesday. I'm actually hoping I'll wake up Tuesday morning feeling great..... I'm sorry that I'm probably causing a friend of mine some angst as she is teaching tomorrow in my stead :( .
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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Playing and enjoying another long weekend

Even though I hurt my back badly, and have been basically convalescing all weekend, I've had a lovely weekend so far. I've had a quiet weekend interspersed with activity when I've needed to move around. A close friend of mine was here for dinner this evening and it was just lovely. It was just a simple BBQ of snagglepusses and salads, a glass of wine, and a nice family dinner. Added to that a lovely chat, and some serious file sharing and we were very happy......

Bunny took the kids to the beach this morning, so I had some time to potter through my chores and sit in my comfy chair. That was a much more practical option, as sitting in the car and on a beach chair did not appeal to me at all with my back.

Not much to say, I've just started watching 'Insommnia' with Al Pacino. Looks like a good movie. Love the above pic of my boys enjoyin ga talk on the sand. Love the frame by Kitschy Designs too. Thanks Suzy.
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