Sunday, May 02, 2010

Playing and enjoying another long weekend

Even though I hurt my back badly, and have been basically convalescing all weekend, I've had a lovely weekend so far. I've had a quiet weekend interspersed with activity when I've needed to move around. A close friend of mine was here for dinner this evening and it was just lovely. It was just a simple BBQ of snagglepusses and salads, a glass of wine, and a nice family dinner. Added to that a lovely chat, and some serious file sharing and we were very happy......

Bunny took the kids to the beach this morning, so I had some time to potter through my chores and sit in my comfy chair. That was a much more practical option, as sitting in the car and on a beach chair did not appeal to me at all with my back.

Not much to say, I've just started watching 'Insommnia' with Al Pacino. Looks like a good movie. Love the above pic of my boys enjoyin ga talk on the sand. Love the frame by Kitschy Designs too. Thanks Suzy.
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Chris H said...

I'm reading blogs back to front... I like the frame on this one even more than the other one!


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