Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Gifts

I've got some gorgeous gifts from my girlfriends for this Christmas. Barbi gave me a gorgeous diary I can use for web/work stuff, it's got a gorgeous lime green cover with lots of info and recipes inside. Karen, gave me a beautiful glass ornament which is hanging where I often hang the mistletoe. It's beautiful, and very special. She also gave me a set of measuring spoons to match my Matryoscka measuring cups she gave me last year. Just gorgeous. For my birthday she gave me a sweet zippered case, which I could put makeup in, and an apple stamp from Kikki K. I will take a photo of my apple collection which Karen started for me. Does three things, count as a collection lol????

I dropped in to Daisy's today, as Suzy is finishing today and going away to Mackay for Christmas with her family. She gave me a beautiful red diary, which is so classy, the cover looks like embossed red leather, it's stunning. She also gave me a Womens' Weekly Christmas cookbook. It's a hardback book and I can't wait to sit down after dinner and peruse this book. The diary, is beautiful, I've never seen one like it before.

I'm feeling very spoiled and it's not even Christmas yet!!

I will have to take photos.....just wanted to write down my thoughts. I'm a very lucky girl with lovely and thoughtful best friends. It's so cool when you get bought stuff that you know has been chosen for you by people who know you very well.....

I am indeed blessed.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

You aren't lucky Jenny, you deserve to have all those wonderful friends around you because you are such a giving friend yourself xoxo


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