Thursday, November 04, 2010

Life is good

I've had a good week. I love being at home just doing Mum things and getting the house in order. I find a strange kind of calm when all is good at home.

I asked Billy-Joe on the weekend if he was getting an award this year, because his grades have been quite good. He said no!!! I was stunned!! I thought either he did miserably this term, or the others just did so much better. Two days later, he came home and said there was an amended list up saying that he was the recipient of an academic award. I was thrilled and so was he of course. We both acknowledge that last years award was ours!! I'd helped him so much in all his assignments that it would have been unfair to accredit his award to just him. This year I gave him little or no help, only when he asked actually. So, for him to receive this award, is just wonderful

Last night was the awards night, we went of course. He received his award and we 'escaped' to McDonalds where I shouted him a frappe just like last year. We were home by 8.15, feeling very smug and content..... Not only does he have a beautiful nature, but he has a great work ethic too. I love that about him. He's an awesome child. There's nothing quite like the relationship that you can have with your first born. Don't get me wrong, I adore and cherish all my boys, but I guess because he's my first and is very much like me in many ways, we get along well, and have a very special relationship. He knows that first and foremost I'm his Mum and his parent, but we're also close and enjoy being together. I wish I could have been like him when I was young. He has a beautiful soul!

Today I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed,knowing I had a huge day ahead of me. I took the kids to school, and then came home and started to get things organized for tonight. I was glad that my groceries were fairly early. I crumbed 1.5kg of chicken schnitzel, made a sticky date pudding, cooked the potatoes for the salad and tidied the house.

I had to go and see Barbi as Peter and I are so directionally challenged and don't trust ourselves to find our hotel, and wonderful friend as she is, she helped me jot down 'girl directions' so that we can find our way. I also took in some stuff I'd been working on. I came home, got Izzy into the carry basket, picked up the kidlets and drove out to the cattery. We dropped of Izzy and then went and saw Rusty. I'm just so in love with him. He feel asleep on me once again. I know he's going to be 'my' cat!! I wont tell the kids though lol...... He's so cuddly and his fur is like silk, he even smells good. Am I the only one who loves how cats smell. Actually I like how budgies smell too....... Billy-Joe told me one day that Izzy smells like me, and that's why she smells so good. What a lovely compliment.

We got home, Sammy headed into the shower and Mum and Dad arrived. Seven weeks is a long time. It was so good to see them. I wanted to keep hugging them, and squeezing them. The kids were rapt that they were here, and Peter was so happy to see them too. Dinner was divine. I love how we have so much fun with my parents. They are Peter's and my best friends. We entertain them the most and always have so much fun together. It's a wonderful relationship and I treasure it so much.

It's late now, Peter is downstairs bottling beer, I've showered and have clothes in the dryer. The kids are fast asleep. I'm weary and missing Izzy. The house is so quiet without her.

Tomorrow we are off to the Food and Wine Show. Another fabulous day.

Life is good.

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