Friday, March 18, 2011

Update from Royal Childrens' Hospital

It's Friday we've been here now since Tuesday night. 

He's been up and walking. I showered him and he ate a bowl of coco pops for breakfast. These things sound so positive but he's oh so miserable. The tube is also gone. He was so brave as that was being removed. We are here until at least Monday. 

I have just found out that there's a lot of white still on his chest X-ray. It could be infection or it could be more fluid. He's developed a temperature too which isn't good. A doctor will come and check up on him later. 


jenny said...

Oh Jenny... my thoughts are with you and Billy Joe... thank goodness your GP was on to the real reason behind this... hope that Billy Joe is feeling better very soon... sending lots of hugs...

take care
Jenny x

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Jenny, I hope Billy-Joe is still improving and that nothing worse has happened since the x-rays. Thinking about you and really wishing I was well enough to come and visit again!


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