Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Update

I can't even remembered what if anything I've posted about Billy-Joe's. I know if I don't post now, everything will blur. 

Sunday morning Billy-Joe awoke and came in to see me saying that he was in a lot of pain and was having trouble breathing. I sat with him for a few minutes. Saw how puffed he was and the level of pain he was in and I rang the ambulance. I've never had to do that before. We were taken to NGH. From here on in I'll write in dot point. 

.given ventolin in ambulance even though I knew it wasn't asthma
. Gave him oxygen and pain relief
. Took a chest x ray which was clear

. We were sent home 5 hours later. I was told it was muscular. 
. Billy-Joe rested all afternoon on my bed with me
.  Took kids to school and Billy-Joe to GP

. She rang ambulance immediately.  She said he either had a punctured lung or pneumonia
. He was placed on oxygen
. Given pain relief in hospital
. Took another chest X-ray 
. Diagnosis Pneumonia (One for Andrea Norton)

. Started immediately on IV antibiotics 
. Took blood gases 
. Admitted to Childrens' Ward 2pm

. Took a new chest X-ray
. Pneumonia has worsened fluid on the lung which has happened rapidly. 
. Moved to 1D because of bed shortage. 

. I went home and was called back as they were going to aspired
. Couldn't aspirate as it was all in pockets. 

. Were told we needed to go to RCH as they would drain the fluid. He had Pleural Effusion)

. Went home packed and went back
. Arrived Brisbane 9pm
. Saw many doctors including Respiratory Specialist. (who said he believed Billy-Joe doesn't have asthma) 
. We were finally taken to a ward at 3am
. Billy-Joe finally given string pain relief and he slept from then on and for much of the next day. 

. Woke up he wasn't in too much pain. Looking forward to feeling better after surgery
. Saw loads of people. Doctors, med students, nurses, nursing students, Specialist, even a professor. 
.Went into Theatre 12.30am

. I got to shower and even slept. 

.Billy-Joe back from theatre 3.40pm

.He's comfortable. Another X-ray shows that fluid is reduced. 

. He has a morphine pump. He's very comfortable and sleeping. He has a nasal gastric tube. 

We will wait and see what tomorrow brings. He should start getting better now that the fluid is going. The drain is still in and will remain for another couple of days.  

His concern for me and his appreciation for me being with him is so overwhelming for me. He has received so many compliments about his behaviour. I've been complimented on bringing up such a beautiful boy. I am so proud of him. 

He is just the most amazing boy such a great patient too. 

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Chris H said...

Poor kid, so relieved he's in safe hands.


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