Sunday, March 13, 2011


Just some thoughts to add to today.

I've focussed on the happenings of today and the last week or so. Tonight, while having dinner I was able to speak my thoughts with Peter and he added some more and made us realize this isn't as isolated as I'd originally thought.

Readers of my blog may remember that we've been worried about him for some time. Nothing has improved and even though the pediatrician's appointment has taken ages to be organized I'm so glad it's this week.

He's 14, nearly 15 and eats like a bird. Mickey eats more than he does and is five years younger than Billy-Joe. At almost 15 he should be eating us out of house and home. He's small too, too small.

He's got a huge heart and he's tough but he's got no resilience. His body is bruised from one end to the other. Mind you he doesn't look that much better when he's not had a footy game. I've had bloods done before as I was concerned something more sinister was afoot.

I've always pushed for more assessment to be done from where his asthma is concerned. He's always chesty sounding with a permanent wet cough and yet his chest is always clear. He can't even laugh without his body being racked by a cough, laughter quickly dying.

I pray I'm reading too much into these symptoms. But I've put these thoughts on the back burners for long enough.

Thank you to my family and my friends for your well wishes and prayers. Billy-Joe feels very blessed to be surrounded by so much love. Thank you.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Jenny, I'm praying that everything is fine with Billy-Joe. I just wanted to let you know that my 15 year old doesn't eat anywhere near as much as my 12 year old. He is not a big eater, he never eats a thing at school and I've now got him drinking smoothies in the afternoon to try and get some calories into him. I know you have more concerns than that but hope this eases your mind a little. My 15 year old is big though, he's 175cm when last measure a few months ago. Well we'll wait to hear what the specialist has to say. Thinking of you xoxo


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