Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Looking forward to better days.

I glad we've both got good outlooks otherwise today would have been dreadful.

I was quite sad this morning when we were told that we would have to move out of our ward. Wed grown rather comfortable there and already had a routine. The room was quiet with only one other patient and we had lots of room. I would spend the day in a very comfy recliner and then at night I'd roll out and unfold and make up my bed and push the recliner I to the bed's day spot. I was right beside Billy-Joe the entire time. I'd leave to go and have my shower and sometimes I'd go and have a cup of tea or I'd walk across to the main hospital to buy some food or go to the chemist but I was there all the rest of the time. I had offers to be collected so that I could spend the time elsewhere but I don't want to be anywhere else. Billy-Joe is relying on me and my company so very much. As it was now that we are in a new wars I cannot sleep beside him as there's not enough room for the stretcher. So I'm outside the ward and along the hall. I've set up my bed in a large open room which has breakfast facilities, lounge chairs, showers and toilets. The view is lovely though lol. It's a little lonely and strange.

The highlight of my day was Mike bringing my washing. What a kind and lovely man!! Now I have some fresh clothes which I like to wear. It's cooler here so I really misses the longer pants. Thank you Sheree for coming to collect my washing yesterday.

One of the doctors visited again this afternoon and told us we had to be patient. With the severity of the pneumonia they're not taking any chances. Sounds ominous. I wonder how kong we will remain here.

My baby boy goes on his first camp tomorrow and I won't be there to see him off and possibly won't be there when he comes home.

Peter is missing me badly. So good to hear his voice.
We've never spent so much time together before,well not since he was a baby. We've always been close and now we are even more so. We are so much alike it's a little scary. We can co exist very easily and harmoniously.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Big hugs to you both Jenny! I'll have my iPhone and Ian's iPad with my in hospital so I can still keep up with you and Billy-Joe. xoxo


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