Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Social Day in Hospital

What a huge day? It's not long after 8.30am and I've left Billy-Joe to snooze. He is exhausted after the day we've had. Not much of today was spent in bed. Basically from 10.30 onwards we were busy.

Billy-Joe went off with Max, the physiotherapist. She did some walking beep test stuff with him today. His lungs coped okay, bis ankles and knees not so well. We definitely need to look into these joint problems too. We want to get our boy to the healthiest he can be, to not be hampered by undiagnosed and untreated pain. Just before he headed to Physio a friend of ours Pete arrived, bearing gifts of scrumptious chocolates for both of us. Pete andi went downstairs for coffee. We were still sitting there when Billy-Joe finished. I was expecting two other visitors and I didn't tell Billy-Joe who was coming. Cath and Blake arrived, with Nan and Darby, Chrissy and Carlee in tow. What a lovely surprise. We sat and had another coffee and then headed to the ward so Billy-Joe could be hooked up to his IV again. Then we went into the Parent Room and Cath cut Billy-Joe's hair. It Looks so much better shorter. We went back to the ward and I had a late lunch. After his antibiotics were finished we decided to go on our walk.

We walked over to the Food Court had a drink and another sit out in the fresh air and the. We walked back. I could see Billy-Joe was had it when we got back.

We've gotten to the point where we don't even think that we will go home soon and we've fallen into a new routine in our new ward. The doctors visited us this morning and told us they were still not happy with the temperature spikes. They are trying to decide whether or. Ot to give Billy-Joe a CAT scan as they're concerned there might be an abscess, or something that the 'bug' has developed to make itself resilient toward the antibiotic. It all sounds rather serious to me so there's no way I'm going to be painful and push to go home. There's too much at stake.

Bunny is visiting tomorrow,bringing us some we things we need, including my MacBook and some school work for Billy-Joe.

I can say we made the most of today. I made Billy-Joe laugh loads of times. I'm trying to get him to eat more too, that's hard with the cruddy food he gets. He's actually hanging out for one of my stir fries!!!!!

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Ms Mac said...

I've just been catching up on everything that's been happening, Jenny. You must be exhausted and I can't begin to imagine how your poor boy is feeling. I'll be thinking of you and wish Billy Joe a "Gute Besserung." Let's hope it's a speedy one. With love, S x


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