Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 4 Cymbalta and other random ramblings

I'm going to have to investigate something to help me sleep. I'm basically going to bed at the moment, because that's what you do at night time. I went to bed just after 11 because I felt quite weary. I'd been talking to Karen on the phone which was nice. Phone conversations in a quiet household are actually really pleasant lol....... No one needed us and we could hear!!

To bed at 11, still awake at 1am. I didn't want to listen to my book, it's nearing the end and I know it's going to be exciting. Reading that is not conducive to sleep. I thought that surely, once my feet warmed up I'd be able to sleep. I awoke before 5am and went out and spoke to Peter for a bit. He was stunned to see me lol......

Feel a bit jaded this morning but not too bad. I hope the sweating and the cold feet (and nose) abates today......

I've had a busy morning. Have dusted, washed, thrown stuff in the dryer and hung some things out (the perpetual optimist)!! Yes, that's right, it's raining yet again. Fortunately my line is totally under cover, so things do have a chance if the rain holds off for a few hours at least. Ironing done, washing machine cleaned out. Updates for Mac OS X downloaded and installed.

Actually don't know how I've managed to download those updates. My internet usage is high again this month, so all big downloads are happening in the morning, during my 'off peak' time. The updates were a half a GB, so I've done that already. My internet, however is painfully, painfully slow. I'm wondering if Optus have slowed me down because I'm leaving to go to another ISP, and they've effectively turned off my DSL connection......or turned it 'down' to dial up speed.......I can't work with that, can't even use it. You ever tried to access Facebook at dial up speed?? I've got work to do on the 'net, thank goodness I've got my mobile USB modem. I couldn't even use iChat with my normal connection, and that peeved me most of all. I've got my modem in bridge mode, using my time capsule as the router. I don't want to change all the settings just to ring Optus only to be told, yes I've been shut down, although I don't understand that.

Internet, seems fine now. Something is definitely going on, because it was painfully slow last night and then it was good this morning for a bit. If they've put the brakes on me, then it wouldn't go back up again. I"m glad now I didn't waste precious time by ringing.

I've felt pretty lousy today. I've had a headache since this morning, which pain meds haven't touched. I dozed for just over an hour in the middle of the day, I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open when I sat down to the computer to do some site work.

I got up and with the slow USB modem, I did some Daisy work, it was painfully slow too, don't know what was up with that, the speeds are normally good. I got nearly all the Jenni Bowlin stuff up that Suzy mentioned to me last week. I did Cosmo Cricket and Crate Paper yesterday, so this week hasn't been too bad so far.

Dinner is spaghetti bolognese, but I don't feel like that. Don't know if I'll have anything, or if I'll just have pesto with my pasta instead. At this stage, I could easily have nothing.

I'm going to have another lie so tired.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Jenny, please know that I'm thinking of you and hope the symptoms subside soon. xoxo

Moonie said...

oh that I so crappy Jenny... Is it all the new meds that are mucking your body and clock work around? Will give you a hug tomorrow night x


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