Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 1 Cymbalta

I had another so so night. Mickey and Billy-Joe wanted to 'camp' out in the front yard (our backyard, while large, has no flat area, the front pocket is the only flat treeless area).

We enjoyed our nice dinner and I took myself to bed at 10pm. I didn't think I'd make it that late considering my state of not enough sleep. I listened to my audio book, and it was midnight, before, still wide awake I turned off my iPhone. I got up twice to check on the kids, the yobboes up the road were having a party and were parked on the road and were every time I heard a noise closer, I checked. Then the cherubs in their eternal wisdom came inside just after 6.30am. I'd just been awoken by Billy-Joe's alarm!!!! I dozed for a bit and then got up to a cooked breakfast. By this time I was as cranky as hell. The kids know to be quiet when they are up. Normally they are really good, but considering they'd got up so early, the quiet wore off far too soon. Three of them in Billy-Joe's room is okay when all is calm but not when they start getting restless. The downside of a tiny house, there is nowhere quiet, but I do prefer them in the lounge.....ah well. I'm lucky I can lie in though.

I enjoyed my deliciously cooked breakfast, of scrambled eggs on toast with fresh parsley and chives, juice and brewed coffee. I took my first pill. It's an hour lady and I don't feel good. The dark mood has increased, the head is foggy and my mouth tastes like crap and is dry.

In between having breakfast and getting organized, I've had to supervise kids putting the tent away. Funny how they're all keen to put it up, (which I basically did lol) but you have to harangue them to bring everything inside. It rained in the night (what's new) and some of their stuff got wet. I've hung a load out, and am questioning my wisdom as it's teeming again!!! So over this rain! The dams have been overflowing for weeks now, so I know no one in this region is disadvantaged if it doesn't rain for the time being.

I hope I get some work done......I may have to forgo my pay and take the time off. I'll see how I go though, because I don't want to do that. If I keep everything else really quiet, and I don't feel any worse, I should still get there.

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