Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Weekend

I had a really nice weekend. It started well, because even when I got up on Saturday morning, my arm was still not too bad. Even tonight, it's got a dull ache, but nothing like it was. I definitely think it's on the mend, and I'm just about jumping out of my skin with happiness.

Now I've left it late, and I wanted to do a good update, but I really should be heading to bed.

Yesterday was a good day. I slept in a little after staying up too late scrapping and listening to my audio book. I pottered around home and went to Erbachers for fruit and vegies. Karen and I headed to Carrin's wedding in the afternoon. We weren't guests but knew she would be rapt to have us there. It was a very small family affair. Carrin looked beautiful, and thank God the weather was just perfect. She was very lucky, especially considering how the weather was last weekend.

Karen and I went to McDonalds (flash hey!!!) and had a snack. I was hungry as I hadn't had lunch, due in part to the dinner and bee sting Karen and I'd eaten the night before. It was lovely for us just to chat and chat and chat. The afternoon went too quickly, but was very enjoyable. I was so glad that we both went.

That evening, the kids decided to camp out in the yard. So they had a ball. Sammy 'came home' at around 11pm. He just felt more comfortable in his own bed. (Smart boy). I loved over hearing them talk in the tent. Billy-Joe was reading to them, and they had enough electronic equipment and games to keep them occupied for days rather than just one night. They had a ball.

Today, Peter cleaned out downstairs. After the rain we'd had last weekend, it was glaringly obvious that the stuff I've been carting around with me for nearly 20 years since I moved to this state just had to go. I didn't want to see it. Didn't want to see how things I once treasured had perished. He took nearly all of it to the dump. I stayed upstairs and made the occasional decision, but mainly I just did my ironing and other house stuff.

Later in the afternoon Peter took the kids to golf and I began my research on the internet for my new internet/mobile phone provider. I want to go 'naked'. I don't want or need a landline anymore. I can get cheaper with a wireless connection and a mobile phone with a capped plan. Even with a new mobile phone contract this will save us around $60 per month. I'm just hoping that I understand everything correctly. I want to go wireless so that I can ditch the landline and then be able to take my wireless internet with a laptop if I so desire. I need to go into the Optus store and ask someone. Maybe if you read this and have an opinion, please share your views, I'm interested in what others think. For a nominal amount each month I can have VOIP, if I still require a phone, just another consideration. Skype for example is only costs $5 per month.

I really must head to bed now. Tomorrow is the last day of the school holidays so the last day of my sleep ins. Last night was another late night as I watched 'Australia' on DVD. Peter, of course fell asleep so missed almost an hour of it. Had Sammy not 'come home' Peter would have slept right until the end. I loved the movie. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Beautiful scenery, (including Hugh Jackman), the characters were fabulous, Nicole Kidman was fantastic, I have no idea what all the criticism was about, I'm sure some people only say something bad for the sake of it. The movie was an epic, and I wasn't bored, and was sad when it finished.

Tomorrow I have to take the boys to the Plaza, Billy-Joe and Sammy have both blown out their sandshoes, so they desperately need new pairs. My parents are taking us all to Sizzler for lunch, so that will be fun. I haven't told the kids yet, so they'll get a lovely surprise when they think I'm heading home but I pull into the Sizzler driveway. What a lovely way to spend the last day......

Now I'm really heading off to bed before I think of something else to add.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Beautiful photos Jenny! Hope you had a lovely time. There is nothing like a wedding to give you hope for the future! Of course there are babies and we had a 2lb baby girl born to one of our nieces.

Chris H said...

So so happy to hear you are almost out of pain, worth jumping up and down about that!
Gorgeous photos!

Joc said...

Love the wedding photos, they both look so very happy.

Sounds like your weekend was really lovely too. Glad to hear that your shoulder is feeling better.


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