Wednesday, April 22, 2009 thinks it should be Optout

I'm a city girl - through and through. A city girl who's lived in a regional centre now for nearly 20 years, and, once I got over the fact that the Chinese food isn't as good as it is from where I came from, I haven't really clamoured for city life at all. I can deal with the fact that people in general dress daggier here, and that we don't have all the stores here, having the internet basically puts everything at my finger tips anyway, and dressing super casual is kind of freeing. We've enough traffic around here, so that's not changed lol.....thank goodness I don't need public transport because it's virtually non existent. No, there's nothing I miss by being so far from a city......

Up until now that is!

I want to change our internet/home phone/mobile phone plans. It's time to change, and to save some money. I've done some calculations and I can get more than I have now for quite a bit less each month. For the sake of the headaches that changing providers can bring, I'd decided to stay with my current one. That was until last night, when I realized that the pamphlet I'd been perusing for two days mentioned nothing about ADSL, only cable. And, you gussed it, we can't get cable here...... For all intents and purposes I don't even know why the guy at the Optus store gave me a book, because I can't use any of their plans. Checked out their website, and the same deal, my current plan isn't even on there......

So this morning I went into the local Optus shop and there the guy told me that I couldn't change my broadband/phone plan, unless I wanted to go to a slightly cheaper phone, and a lesser/or more broadband connection (as far as downloads go), but none of the brochure's or websites plans were relevant to me......(or to anyone else in this area)!!!

I'm not impressed at all.

I don't know what to do. I can still reduce my costs, but I'd be saving $30 per month, rather than $58, so not to be sneezed at, but then I'd have the added headache of changing providers. The other provider I'm considering, has a very good reputation....their customer service is excellent

If I lived in a city, I would have so many options. Dropping the landline and having a faster broadband is possible. Cable is possible.

But not here.......and who knows when it will be. I'm at an impasse. Not sure what I'll do.

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