Saturday, April 25, 2009

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The Naked Tin

One decorated tin

My cards I made last night. See Karen, I actually finished the bottom one. Does that mean it took me three weeks to complete lol......

I had a great day yesterday. I had a physio appointment in the morning, and my shoulder is still improving. I can't do most things still, but it doesn't hurt at every minute of the day. I'm so pleased that it's finally responding to treatment. Carlie gave me exercises to do, and Peter has set up a pulley for me downstairs, with string attached so I can do some passive exercises for my shoulder. I've now got some strength building isometric ones to do too.

I have to stop myself from doing lots though, and it's hard because I see so much that needs doing. I bought a big bottle of sugar soap because there are doors and walls desperately in need of being washed down. I just have to wait though, or get Peter to do them, which isn't easy, as he's not here much, with long work hours, I'm often reluctant to ask for help.

Yesterday after my appointment I went into the Plaza and met up with Suzy. We had a great day. Unfortunately, it went far too quickly. We spent well over an hour and a half with the IT people in Myer, asking lots of questions about a Macbook. Suzy still has some things to work out, and perhaps some questions that need answering but she's leaning toward 'crossing over'. I have to remember to loan her the book on the Mac operating system which I bought. She'll be blown away by what it's capable of doing. We had walk around, bought some underwear, had a snack for lunch as Suzy had bought us morning tea, and we weren't hugely hungry. We also went and checked out the teeth whitening people and think that we'll do it one day. It looks great, and is fairly quick to do.

Last night scrapping was good fun, and very late. By the time I'm in bed and listened to my audiobook, it was well after 2am!! Unfortunately Karen didn't come last night because she wasn't feeling well. I hope that she got a good night's sleep and didn't stay up too late reading. She is deep into the Twilight series and is having trouble putting them down.

I'm looking forward to a nice date night with my husband tonight. We've bought some cheeses, so we're just going to have a nice cheese platter and wine for dinner. I find that if we have nibblies, we're often (me mainly) not hungry enough and a main meal really is wasted on me. Plus then I don't feel so bad that I've ingested all these extra calories.

The whole Kleenmaid debacle has been on my mind a lot this week. I feel so sorry for the people who have lost their money through paying a deposit, or full payment and then never receiving their whitegoods. Had this happened two years ago, it could have involved us - as we bought our stuff in April - I can't remember what date we paid a deposit, but the deposit was $2000!!!! I feel sick for those poor people who have their kitchen underway, and nothing to put in it. That means my five year warranty is no longer too!! That was a huge selling point for us. Kind of comforting to knwo that you have a $2000 dishwasher and it's covered for five years! I just thank God that we never took out the additional five year warranty that they tried to sell me several times over the last two years, and that we got all the warranty issues settled quickly, when they happened.
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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Jenny the tin and cards are lovely! Hope you have a fun date night. Cheeses for dinner, yum!!!

Teddyree said...

Absolutely adore the "Thinking of You" card, it's gorgeous.

Glad your shoulder is improving, it all takes time. Have a fun date night!!

Lisa H. said...

The tin is gorgeous Jenny! I love it.

Duncan and I often do a cheese and bikkie platter for dinner .. yummo!


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