Friday, April 17, 2009

Quietly Euphoric

I didn't do a lengthy update about my Easter, not because it wasn't a lovely time, but because I've limited my computer time, due to the amount of pain I've been in. My arm was just getting worse and worse, and I was hanging out for yesterday's physio appointment.

I had a busy day yesterday starting with the groceries and my arm hates those wretched trolleys. They're dreadful at the best of times, but when your arm screams just to steer them, it's not good. I had my annual mole check and then headed home with a clean bill of health as far as my skin goes.

After lunch I headed to the physio, and Carlie laughed at the look of relief on my face - she's my healing angel and I have so much faith in her, even though to date she hadn't helped my shoulder much at all. My hip was playing up this week too, but with the type of pain, I knew she'd fix that no problem.

I came home from there feeling so much better. Better than I had in months. I was quietly happy, not keen enough to be excited because I knew that sometimes it felt better after a treatment and then went bad again a day or so later. The funny thing was though, that there wasn't even an ache. My arm felt like it only weighed half as much as before. I had a lovely evening, the nicest I've had all week. The kids had nice chicken burgers for dinner and I bought Peter and I a piece of scotch fillet each. He made this to die for salad, with roasted capsicum and roasted tomatoes with sugar on them. The salad had rocket, spinach and carrot slivers (cut with peeler), the dressing was olive oil, red wine vinegar, parsley and garlic. Absolutely delightful!

Billy-Joe and I stayed up and played Sims 2 Castaways on the Wii. If I've worked I like to do something with and for the kids. I really begrudge spending $50+ to take them to the movies, so I bought items instead. I bought and Indiana Jones DVD, a Ben10 Alienforce watch for Mickey and the Sims game for all of us....... and it cost the same as us going to the movies and a zillion times better value. The kids were very excited and I was stoked to see their happiness.

Today I had to go to the doctor's. My HRT medication is no longer available and I needed a doctor's prescription for a new one. Sammy, needs as asthma plan for school. I went back to the clinic where I had my cortisone injection, but saw a different doctor - in my continuing bid to find a compassionate, thorough and interested Doctor. When today's GP asked me about my shoulder - he won me over!!! My other GP whom I'd been seeing for years, never ever asked me about anything, and I didn't like that.

I wanted a nother seretide script for Billy-Joe and rather than just write out a script, he wanted a full history and gave me some other tips for managing his asthma. He also went into detail about Sammy's asthma that it was probaby a type of asthma because of a cold. I'm to note how often he has ventolin because more than three times per week means he needs a preventor, otherwise we can manage it with the ventolin.

He questioned me about my HRT usage, and I told him that my IUD was due for renewal next month. He said that if I had no ovarian activity, I no longer needed another. God that scares the living daylights out of me...... I had a blood test today, to see what my oestrogen levels are. It's quite probable that I have passed through menopause - and that everything has finished.

He also looked at my poor toenail which has lost two toenails and he gave it a long name. I'm to bathe it in a mixture of chlorine bleach and water three times a day - easy!

So, I've written all this and my arm is still good. I drove this morning and didn't grit my teeth at every corner.

Could it be that it's better? Could the pain be behind me? Carlie recommended another GP whose specialty is sports medicine if I need another cortisone injection, and then the next step would be a guided injection under ultrasound. So there's things to do if this isn't really better. My thoughts are though, that whatever she did yesterday helped, and if it aches again, she can do it again. I will continue to take it easy and also do my passive excercises - that sounds like an oxymoron, but one arm pulls the rope through a pulley, while the bad arm is just being pulled, not exerting any pressure at all. Peter is going to set it up for me on the weekend.

My biggest regret, is that I didn't go to her earlier this week....... I feel like I wasted my holidays.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

So glad that you are feeling better. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays that way.

beetricks said...

What a great Doctor! You're lucky you found him...I thought I had found a good Doctor here in Sydney but found out I teach her son and that put me off...isn't that stupid!

Chris H said...

When you finally find a doctor that you like, who listens to you and treats you properly.... DON'T LEAVE THEM!
I have only ever had 1 doctor who I really really liked... and sadly I am not with him now.. he is in another city. boo hoo.
Have a great, painfree hopefully, weekend.


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